04 September 2008

Surprise Quilt

I'm trying a little experiment of posting a picture and a short blurb for the days that I can't get to a real post - let me know what you think! (And don't worry - I still will post full length real posts - I just seem to have less time for it lately then I would like.)

My mom was given this quilt as a surprise by her sewing group as a get well present for her eyes. She's given away many quilts in her life but I think this was the first one she ever received - she was incredibly touched as was I.


  1. It's a beautiful quilt. I hope that your mom is doing better.

  2. I like the photo and "blurb" idea - it's kind of like a photo blog, and you take such nice and interesting photos, that it's a real treat to see them - and all these posts came up on my Reader overnight!

    (I like to see them on your blog best, not on the reader; your green colors actually inspired my layout colors some.)

  3. amanda, it is isn't it? She is feeling better but the recovery is still slow and frustrating.

    silver fox, glad you like it! I'm flattered you like my blog colors. Hopefully this will keep everybody from thinking I've abandoned my blog while things have been so crazy in my life.


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