21 September 2008

Cat Under the Quilt

The Poor Disreputable Cat was under the weather for a few days following her annual shots - she didn't come out from under this quilt for 2 whole days. But she's back to her Disreputable self - playing the piano at night and attacking dog tails when they're napping.


  1. i love that about cats. they make no excuses, ever.

  2. Glad DC is backto mischief. Your harvest pics are just great.

  3. Poor D-Cat! I'm glad she's doing better. Playing the piano, yikes! The golf balls rolling on the laminate flooring are loud enough at night.

  4. Man that is one cute looking patient.

  5. jen, no they don't.

    seeking solace, she's even got her tongue out.

    doris rose, thanks!

    cath, yeah, it's a newly aquired skill...she's very careful, never plays more then one note at a time. However, there are certain times at night when it is very much not appreciated!

    hel, she does know how to ham it up doesn't she?


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