16 September 2008

Morning Glories

A beautiful morning glory and nasturtium still resist the cold weather nights for a morning
*edited to add: yes, of course it's a nasturtium...sorry, I was busy waxing eloquent about a clematis outside my workplace when I posted this to my mum and I must have typed it in by accident. Thanks for noticing :)


  1. I love morning glories! Used to have a bunch of them hanging over my balcony rail back in the days.

    Too busy travelling now so no time to give any plants any water. Only succulents will survive....

  2. I really missed my garden this year...thanks for the pic.

  3. Clematis? the orange flower is nasturtium!

  4. Beautiful pictures! What a great way to start the morning!

  5. I agree with Vincent. The orange one is called a nasturtium here. My backyard is covered in them running wild. We eat the leaves in salads and I tried a few chopped leaves in mashed potatoes recently. Yummy.

    I read recently that they make a good 'living mulch' in summer, so I'm going to leave them, as they are all around my apple, apricot and nectarine trees.

  6. hypoglycemia girl & qt, yeah, most years I'm lucky to have a garden - so I'm really enjoying it this year!

    science girl, thanks!

    vincent & parlance, I fixed it! I did know that but I was fixated on a clematis when I wrote the piece.

    amanda, a pleasure!


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