30 November 2008

Not Abandonded

Hello dear bloggy friends,

Contrary to popular belief I have not abandoned my blog. Thanks so much for asking and for your concern! Things have been rather hectic lately (and in addition I have broken my camera and am waiting for it's repair). Many of the things that are making things hectic in my life at the moment I am not currently able to blog about for various reasons. I do hope however, to resume normal blogging behavior (week day posts) in the beginning of the new year if not before then. I do miss our conversations and I miss visiting you all as well. Sadly, my computer and email connections are infrequent, tenuous, and slow which means even though I occasionally manage to sneak a visit I often am unable to comment. Again, hopefully there will be changes in the new year! And yes, if you are planning on coming my way (Colorado) at any time in the near future do email me! I would love to meet and visit with any of you in person. Meanwhile, I will wish you all a warm, loving, and thankful holiday season and a light on the winter solstice (or, if you will be experiencing a summer solstice and winter seems far away - a lovely day enjoy the best things summer can offer). I hope to see you all in the new year - keep an eye on your blog readers.

the best to you all, Wayfarer scientista