25 September 2008

Fall Colors

There are some mighty fine displays of color going on right now. I love fall, love kicking my feet through fallen leaves and the raspy sounds they make as they fly by. I love the intensity of color and watch it as if I will never see color again. I love the winds that rastle by in gusts - more fickle and tempermental then other times of year. I love the harvest the preparations for the winter, the first dustings of snow, the crispness of the air, and the slowing down of activities after the frenetic pace of summer.


  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of a northerly place I just visited! You seem to have aspen turning at fairly low elevation. Ours, in central and eastern Nevada, is generally yellow only above 7500 feet or more.

  2. Actually, it's pretty high - I would say about 8,000ft in elevation. This was taken as I was driving over the Continental Divide on my way back from the airport from Mile High City - I just had to take the long way back to see the gorgous foliage.


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