08 September 2008

Squirrel Food

Lots of mushroom hunting lately - even the squirrels have been busy. Did you know that they will pick and dry mushrooms for the winter? Well they do. One year a dear friend and I went out to a cabin he had built (in Alaska) and had been away from for a year due to hip surgery. We went in spring and when we went to check out the outhouse we found it piled three feet high with dried mushrooms!


  1. I did know that those critter stock up on mushrooms. I grew up in the sticks, so you get to know that kind of stuff. :)

  2. I had no idea! The image of an outhouse filled with mushrooms was enough to make me snort while drinking my coffee.

  3. There's worse things an outhouse can be three feet deep in!

  4. anonymous, yeah, to some of us it it's second "nature" to know it ;)

    amanda, yay! That was my aim! :)

    cath, indeed! I know this from personal experience.

    albatross, it is very cool.


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