30 June 2008

AK to CO Travel Map

Here is a very rough map of my road trip (courtesy of AAA/ CAA). It's the only map I was able to find that included all of the areas I drove through. My approximate route is the thick grey line. Do you guys want more detail? I can provide it but it will have to be a state by state, province by province map. This at least should give you a good idea - just imagine it that I pretty much followed the spine of the rocky mountains all the way down (they go north-south until the Yukon at which point they turn and go east-west).

Photos are up finally! They're posted on the original posts. Let me know what you think.


  1. great pics! (i am soo visual). How'd you do the watermark?

  2. You put a lot of work into those photos - thanks. I'm wondering about the watermark, also, and what do you use for the collage?

  3. Wonderful photos, and the map great. Thanks!

  4. makes my road trip from Lousiana to Massachusetts and back seem a little less daunting. ;)

    great pix!

  5. doris rose, the watermark was done in photoshop. Maybe I'll post another post on this since it took me a long time to figure it out! I kind of was getting tired of seeing my pictures on other people's blogs without credit!

    silver fox, another thing I just figured out! I always wanted to do mosaics but not use flicker (I'm weird about that) but I found some freeware called PhotoScape that does it. Again, I'll post on it.

    hypoglycemia girl, is there enough acurracy for you? Maybe I'll email you some key cities or highway names so you can find it on your atlas.

    cae, thanks!

    maypole, laugh! ah, Lousiana to Massachusetts?? Peanuts :)

  6. East Idaho is boring. Cut East a bit in MT, and come down through Yellowstone/Grand Teton/ the upper Green River valley instead.

  7. dr. lemming, indeed but I had already taken some of the slower scenic routes earlier in the trip and needed to get back to some commitments at this point so eastern Idaho it was.

  8. Woah past tense- last time I checked here the trip was still in the future.

    I must have been in the field a while.

  9. dr lemming, yes, well, erm, you were in the field awhile and I posted the map after all of the travel posts!


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