13 June 2008

Mile 2,282/ Km 3,673 (British Columbia & Alberta)

Photos of Alberta - that's a mountain goat top right

I'm over another time zone now and the vegetation has changed dramatically. Gone are the spindly little bog spruce and the quaking birches. At first they were replaced by aspens and pines but now I am into the wetter parts and the trees are huge and mossy and there are many species, too numerous to list. The disreputable Dog and I had a lovely day, humming along to the blacktop. I find it so interesting talking to all of the random people I run into and meet in a day of traveling. They are almost all friendly and almost without exception they start their conversation with a comment about the Disreputable Dog who is obligingly friendly. I am starting to run into tour buses coming north although the summer travel season is only just beginning up here and most of the campgrounds are busy getting last minute construction projects finished. I seem to be making faster time as the construction zones grow less and less. I've lost track of the days of the week and sit down to reckon it. Friday.

Photos of Alberta - bottom left is a wildlife overpass

As you can see I've finally found an Internet connection and so am now posting my backlog. I'm not sure I'm ready to glance at my email yet since I have been enjoying the oblivion from such real world intrusions. It's amazing how the bookstore, job worries, everything just fades away into the contentment of the here and now while on the road. A real vacation even though that is not what it was planned to be. Cheers!


  1. Wayfarer, nice to know the trip is so revitalising for you. I'm enjoying your descriptions of an area I know nothing about. Thanks.

  2. I tried to follow your trip on my North America atlas, but too difficult since I don't know the places at all.

    I love driving and your trip sounds awfully exciting to me! Thanks for posting and I look forward to photos when you return to Colorado.

  3. Beautiful posts - I've really miss reading you and am glad we get to see your travel notes. It sounds like an amazing trip (though I'm so sorry DD got injured!) and I hope things continue to go very well. (Though you sound relaxed and capable of coping with just about anything - it's lovely to read.)

  4. Thanks foe sharing your adventure with us, it's so nice to read about natural beauty when we seem to be surrounded by so much bad news.Safe Travels.

  5. oh, what fun to go and read through all these posts! hot springs and bears and randy single men, oh my!

    thanks for taking me with you


  6. i am extremely happy with the chance to catch up on your backlog.

  7. I am so jealous and wish I was along for this trip!

  8. I loved reading about your journey. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a joy to find this beautiful journey waiting to be read.

    My heart expanded with thoughts of rain on a tent roof, hot springs, rivers, streams and waterfalls and nature everywhere.

    So very magical.

  10. parlance, it is revitalizing me, isn't it??

    hypoglycemia girl, yeah, I'm still debating whether or not to publish a map...it kind of goes against my annonimity (but we all know that's not all that great anywho). So maybe I will....or I'll send you one!

    post-doc, thanks!! I've missed you guys too!

    doris rose, you bet, thanks!

    painted maypole, glad you enjoy them!

    jen, gril, I'm glad you are.

    qt, well & I your backpacking adventure which I clearly have to catch up on!

    mad hatter, no problem!

    hel, it is beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your break.

  11. I completely understand your wish for anonymity! You could post a map where you indicate your route starting at the Canadian border, ending as you enter Colorado - if you think that would be enough to protect your identity. That would be awesome if you have the time (since I'm a total mapoholic)

  12. hypoglycemia girl, hmmm, that might work!!


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