24 June 2008

Of Doings

Grumph....working on uploading pictures of the trip but between being on the wrong computer and internet connection issues it feels slow in coming. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

Went for a hike today, pre-work, around 9 and a half miles with the Disreputable & Parental Dogs and a friend from Peach Country. It was a glorious day and the first real hike of the season. Luckily the hike we chose was snow free - there is a lot of snow still in the high country and post holing is the name of the game if you go too high up in elevation. As that snow melts, rushing off the mountain sides in rivulets which lead to swollen streams which cascade into swollen rivers, the flood threat grows. Daily I watch as the local rivers rise and listen the the grinding of the rocks under the water which are being moved by the force of all that water. It's perverse, but I find much pleasure in it's raw power even when it threatens to take out a chunk of roadway or a local bridge.

The Disreputable Cat met her first grass snake. It surprised her so much that she leapt in a quick arc over the head of the Parental Dog and out of her harness in one fell swoop. I grabbed her as she bolted for goodness knows what. As soon as the surprise wore off she was ready for another look but I like grass snakes so I deposited her inside and let the snake make its get away and live to eat more bugs that destroy garden crops. After such excitement Missus Cat needed a rest and slept the rest of the day away. Meanwhile the Disreputable Dog finally got those staples out of his face and although the vet keeps telling him he should turn his scar into a bear story he insists on sticking to facts.


  1. Doing the work of getting photos on your blog, especially from such a long road trip, can take a while. So take your time, and although we'd all love to see them, it's really up to you and whether you have the time. (I actually forgot you might be working, since I'm on days off!)

  2. I can attest to the pain that is downloading photos from a week long trip. The download, the selection, the cropping, the re-saving, blah blah...

    Take your time. :)

  3. That river looks so wild and powerful and green making.

  4. Oh, I can just see Missus Cat doing a flip over DDogs' head! Good thing you were able to grab her!

  5. silver fox, thanks for your understanding!

  6. qt, funny, how they add up. Thanks for the patience!

    hl, it is amazingly powerful.I'm excited for all the marshlands. This land can use the water.

    froghair, yeah, she's fast!


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