17 June 2008

Mile 4,113/ Km 6,619 or Journey's End

Well, here I am in Colorado again. While I was gone summer has come and with it the heat. It's not really heat - it just feels like it after being in the cooler north. It seems that almost the entire west has had a long winter and a slow spring. My rear hurts from all that sitting. I'm tired and dusty and both the Disreputable Dog and I have full blown hay fever. We are welcomed mightily by the rest of the pack. The Disreputable Cat comes bolting down the stairs along with the Parental Dog. When I take the dogs out for a walk both of them are wagging the tails fiercely, happy to be together again. My parents, too, are happy to see us.

The next day I open for the bookstore and find my boss already there brewing coffee. It seems, as the day wears on, that there was great deal of uncertainty that I would actually come back. Bets have clearly been made. Perhaps they, and you, knew what has taken me a little bit longer to see clearly - that I will be back in Alaska sooner then later.

PS - Pictures coming soon!!


  1. Glad you're back. It was fun following you down the highway - it seems you made it in near record time. Would love to see photos if you have any.

    Reading this last post gives me the chills (not bad chills, you know) - about returning to Alaska sooner than later.

    [P.S. You might like my Alaska song!]

  2. It was fantastic reading your account of the trip! Great, you made it back safely. Pictures! Pictures!

  3. hypoglycemia girl, thanks!

    silver fox, indeed, I will get pictures up soonish! Promise. And I will check out your song, along with other posts since I'm much behind!

    stepwise girl, thanks for de-lurking! And yes, pictures are coming!!

  4. Welcome back, sounds like a grand adventure with a royal welcome. Your descriptions were perfect, thanks for sharing.

  5. Holy cow, my longest trip by land is a thousand miles shorter than this trip of yours! Your descriptions were great, but I have to agree with Stepwise Girl, I am waiting for pictures!

  6. Great pictures, thanks! I have never been to any of those places, so it was great to see them.

    But, the space! The space! Sorry I'm a European living in a crowded place. Those big spaces brings us back to our real size... But you crossed it all!


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