11 June 2008

Mile 1,380/ Km 2,221 (Yukon Territory & British Columbia)

Yukon Photos - a grizzly & an elk

It was an on again off again kind of day. An RV pulling a truck careened across a graveled section of the road and dislodged a softball sized rock that went through my windshield. Thankfully it went through the passenger side as glass sprayed all over my dashboard even while the windshield itself stayed mostly intact. I saw wild bison two grizzlies, one black bear, a beautiful little porcupine by the side of the road. At one point I was feeling sleepy and pulled over near a grassy river bank and slept - only to wake up and find I had rolled my legs in some sort of animal feces. I washed in the cold river. Sore from driving, my hips aching and my sciatic nerve throbbing, we took a hike off into the woods along a dirt road and came across fabulous crashing waterfalls. I made the famous hot springs in BC for the night and enjoyed them thoroughly until two local boys took too keen of an interest in me. When they inquired after my tent site and phone number I took refuge with a bunch of German tourists, asking them in their language, which the boys couldn't speak, if it would be all right to walk with them until I reached the place the Disreputable Dog was tied up. Sure glad he's along. It was a long boardwalk to the springs and he wasn't allowed. I brought him as far as I could - lots of single men in the campsite who eyed me as I went to pay my fees this evening but with the dog, they won't bother me. Little do they know that they would also have to face a full bottle of bear spray. I'm sure it would work just as well on them (don't tell the Canadian Boder Patrol - they only let it in because it is stated clearly on the bottle that it is for animals - where as the US border will only let it in if it states clearly that it's for humans!).

My lovely windshield

I love being in my little tent, my home away from home, with the Disreputable Dog next to me - just the smell of the tent makes me feel at home. I've been listening to Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" on CD and I think it has been affecting my mood. It's a very dark book. Anywho, it's late again, I seem to always get to this very late at night, and I'm too tired to write more. I hope I get to post some of this before I return home! The internet connections are either very sparse or they insist that I have a local mobile phone company which, of course, I don't. Even if I do post pictures will have to wait until I return. Good night!

British Columbia Photos - wild bison & a black bear


  1. DUDE - what the hell? Did you get the windshield fixed? I'm glad you are ok~

  2. Sorry about your windshield! And your description of the men eying you has me worried. Good thing the Disreputable Dog is with you. Be safe!

  3. Are you enjoying The Road? I read it last year and couldn't get into it at all.

    Glad the DD is taking good care of you!

  4. hypoglycemia girl, well, luckily, except for a hole in it, it's relatively intact so it's on my to-do when I reach Colorado.

    qt, yeah, it sure startled me! But they didn't even slow down.

    cae, no, I can't say I did. I heard it through and thought it was okay but the ending did not settle with me. I was much happier with my next listen to: "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. Now that one I recommend!

  5. I just finished reading that yesterday!!

  6. CAE, of course you did!!! :) I decided to publish the posts to the date and time in which I typed them out...which happened to be no time near when they actually went up.

  7. No, I meant I just finished reading Water for Elephants ;) Sorry, should have been more clear!

  8. Oh! :) I liked "Water for Elephants" - did you? I could see it being a much better audio book and not liking as much if I just read it.


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