20 June 2008

Happy Summer Solstice!

I hope you spend part of the day out in the open air, swimming or biking, walking or relaxing, enjoying the longest day of the year. Or if you are one of my readers in the southern hemisphere, sitting in front of a warm fire, laughing with friends, and taking heart that the shortest day is over.

Today is a big holiday in Alaska although it's a bit bittersweet knowing that it's all downhill from here, that winter will come, but there is still plenty of summer to enjoy and the darkness will not make itself felt for many months yet.


  1. yes, i had a feeling when you went back there you would feel it in your bones...the need to return. Glad you wrapped up the drive safely and I can't wait for photos!

  2. How wonderful to have so much daylight! Enjoy!!!

  3. our summer's solstice was spent cloudy and rainy, and I saw some great lightening.

    we needed the rain greatly, so it was perfect

  4. if i'm honest, i spent it grumpy. hotter than well...hot places.

  5. oh I celebrated. beautifully.

    It was my birthday on the 21st.

  6. qt, hopefully they will be here soon!

    seeking solace, ah yes, it's lovely. But we pay for it come winter!

    painted maypole, rain in thirsty parts of the country is always welcome.

    jen, awww....well I hope you at least had a cold beverage to cool you off!

    crazymumma, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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