13 September 2007

Rain Gear

"It's over" he said. He was referring to the season of summer. It was a common conversation yesterday when it was pouring down rain. It was raining hard yesterday like someone was throwing it from the sky. If you went out for even a minute you got wetter then you would have gotten standing under a high pressure shower in your bathroom and the streams were running high, the waterfall that pours into the bay had turned brown & I watched as the stain of silty water spread into the salt water leaving a defined cleaving line between brown water and blue-green water. It was a fine time to test my newly re-waterproofed rain gear.

It's wet out there! We're staying inside!

I'd been suspicious of the water repellent re-wash that you see in outdoor stores now. It seems that with outdoor gear acquiring a more fashionable veneer it also acquired a new set of rules of how to treat it but over the weekend I noticed that my rain gear was starting to hold water & I was getting wet as a result. I suppose that's what happens when you practically live in your rain gear for two years and when it is almost always repelling water. So I decided to try the water repellent re-wash since I figured ten bucks was certainly cheaper then buying new gear and guess what? It worked! It really did. Luckily I washed it on Monday when the weather was fine and it was ready to go yesterday.

Today I saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree holding it's wings out in the precise posture one sees in bronze eagles used for car ornaments. I'd never actually seen an eagle do that but it made sense because the weather had actually, and surprisingly, cleared and s/he probably needed to dry out a bit - even eagle feather rain repellent would have been tried yesterday.


  1. How did you ever get your dog and cat to look so dang cute in that carrier?! Really. I want to know.

    I get the carrier out and they head for the hills.

    Also, sorry it's over. I know the rainy season can be long....

  2. That kind of rain can be so cleansing.

    still, it can be hard to live with.

  3. I admit it... I love hard rains! :)



  4. i am with Chani....I so love the rain.

    I wish i could be up there sharing a bottle of wine listening to the rain with you.

  5. Seesh! I was just reading Frog Hiar's blog and her account of how large Disreputable Dog is but I had no idea exactly how large until I saw him posed behind Disreputable cat! I love hard rain too esp when I am tucked up in bed warm and safe with Chopper and the cats, actualy emerging out into the downpour is a whole different feeling!

  6. glad to hear that the wash-in water repellent worked -- I'll keep that stuff in mind for when I need to do the same.

  7. Us too! Loads of rain. It felt so good to feel the noise on the roof.

  8. Gorgeous all of it. The cuties in the carier, the eagle drying his wings, the working water repellent and last but not the least the sound of rain.

    Here it is dry and dusty. I secretly believe it is because Florian is praying so hard for it not to rain. They are building a strawbale building at a project and the roof is not yet up. Hmmm his atheist status leads me to believe that he must be bribing a heaven official.

  9. orangeblossoms ~ both my animals love their carriers (& as you can see the cat loves the dog's). I trained this by leaving the carrier in a central location in my house with the doors open or off(the dog's is a coffee table next to the couch with a blanket thrown over it & the cat's is under a chair) & by leaving miscellaneous treats in them at random. I also daily give the dog his morning treat on the command "go home", home being the carrier. Since I live in such a small place it is the only place he can go and not be disrupted. The cat actually purrs when I close here in hers. I think that's b/c they both associate it with a lot of positive things and not just going to the vet or flying. In fact at the vet's they will work very hard to get back in the kennel b/c they see that as the safe spot.

    crazymumma ~ yep, both...sometimes I love, some days I just want to dry out.

    chani ~ i love it except when it rains after a snow storm! which it does regularly here.

    jen ~ I'll bring the wine :)

    dj ~ yeah, the Diresputable Dog is so big that the number one comment I hear from people is something on his size, it's hard to describe until you see it though. I love the rain on roofs too.

    froghair ~ yay! who would have guessed?

    liv ~ it's comforting when you're inside and cozy isn't it?

    hel ~ I wish I could come join you with the strawbale building! I hope it stays dry & dusty for you until the roof is up.


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