11 September 2007

Hosting Oct Scientiae Carnival (& a blurb on Just Posts)

CALLING ALL SCIENTISTS, TECHNOCRATS, ENGINEERS, & MATHEMATICIANS!!!! I have volunteered to host the October 1, 2007 Scientiae Carnival (click here or on the button to the right), a blog carnival that compiles posts written about the broad topic of "women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Anyone may contribute as long as the topics are "relevant & respectful" (for more details check out the Scientiae Welcome Page). Please pass the word on to your fellow scientists, technocrats, engineers, and mathematicians! SEPTEMBER's Scientiae Carnival can be found over at Suzanne E Frank's @ Thus Spake Zuska.

THE OCTOBER THEME: Mentoring/ Supervising/ Advising - the good, the bad, the inspiring, and the morale draining. Details about relationships you've had on either side of the boss/employee, advisor/student relationship. What kind of people inspired you and kept you going? What were the qualities that you admire in such people? What kind of people made you want to throw the towel in, made you feel incompetent and feel like you would never make it in the field? What kind of qualities were these? And most of all, how do we as a community of women scientists, be good mentors for the others? Any memories of someone who just inspired you? What are our responsibilities as mentors? As good supervisors? As employees/ students? Do tell!

SUBMISSION: Please submit your posts (or posts by others that you think qualify) by the usual methods, and try to get them in by 8 am Alaskan Standard Time (that's 12 pm Eastern Standard Time) on September 31st. I will get it up on the 1st or 2nd of October.

IN OTHER NEWS: Jen @ One Plus Two, Mad @ Under the Mad Hat, Hel @ Truth Cycles, and Susanne @ Creative Mother Thinking have just posted the August lists of Just Posts or Posts for Justice (they sum up posts at the end of the month while Scientiae sums them up at the begining, in case you were wondering). Go check them out (click on the button to go there now)!


  1. Would that I had been smart enough to be a scientista. I look forward to seeing what the gals come up with!

  2. i'll sit on the sidelines and drool over all the smartiness.

  3. i like that the scientiae carnival uses the same color scheme as the carnivale that leads up to Mardi Gras!

  4. I'll definitely be looking forward to those posts! :)



  5. liv & jen ~ oh, there are all kinds of smarts in the world and they don't all go to scientists. But I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

    maypole ~ well, it's one of the icons that's up for vote right now. I guess I voted for it by posting it with my announcement.

    chani ~ yay!

  6. this is definitely not in my field of expertise to enter into, but certainly one i would want to read! what a grand idea.


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