10 September 2007

More on visitations & whales

There is the steady dripping sound of rain, the occasional cold drop cascading off the brim of my hat down the neck of my coat, mist rising from the bay, the bore tide hurling in like the rushing current of a river. I barely notice the wet as I am focused on the whale footprints, slicks of water like a strange stillness in the midst of the tide's ripples, waiting for the animal to surface. Sleek bodies of gleaming white muscle and of sliver onyx grey and the purple of an unripened plum push the water aside. The smaller ones in their sleekness are playful, rolling and spouting and occasionally slapping the water with their flippers. The larger ones, the mothers of this nursery pod are more purposeful, more directional. I am enraptured by the sight of them and turn away only when it is too dark to see and although the drive before me is long, it is no longer a matter of much concern.

Froghair & I had a delightful visit. She had two days of gorgeous sunshine during which she got to go out and visit the fjordlands to watch humpack whales, orcas, steller sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, cormorants, puffins, gulls, and glaciers and hike a local mountain which has stunning views with the Disreputable Dog for company during which they saw 3 black bears including Little Bear, the little black bear which is a bit smaller then the Disreputable Bear and for this reason hangs around the fringes of town because he can't compete for the better habitat. On the weekend the true weather of the local flew it's colors, liquid sunshine as we call it, rainy and wet we succeeded in drenching ourselves several times during the day. We enjoyed leisurely breakfasts in warm stationary cabooses, relaxed in the atmosphere in a church turned coffee house & art gallery, wandered beaches, prepared fruit for drying and talked and talked all the while playing and cuddling with the Disreputable Fur Balls who were disposed to this sort of thing.

The Disreputable Cat has gotten quite good at driving as she has been to Los Anchorage & back at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks and the Disreputable Dog is content in a fresh bale of straw we picked up for him at the feed store and which he has clawed and nosed apart until the nest is to his liking. Now he looks for all the world like a bird in it's comfy nest and he can be hardly bothered to get up when you lift the topper door unless he is certain to be let out for a romp. Of course, the animal Froghair most wanted to see, the moose, was elusive, appearing almost immediately after we had let her off at the airport and were going for our evening walk at the Los Anchorage Dog Park. Next time Froghair! And on the way home, with the bore tide high in Turrnigan Arm, I once again saw the belugas. What a wonderful visit...


  1. "Whale footprints..." That's gorgeous. I wish I could come visit.

  2. when I lived in CA i tried to go whale watching... when they are making their trek back up north, but never saw one. Someday...

  3. you make us feel as if we are sitting there next to you.

  4. oh. i want to run away from home now... like Jen said, you make us feel like we're right there with you...

  5. While the belugas take first place, the leisurely breakfasts would go right into the next slot. One of my favorite things to do when someone is visiting!

  6. I was able to *feel* this. :)



  7. pilgrim/heretic ~ you're welcome any time! Just say the word!

    painted maypole ~ oh! I do hope you get to see some!

    jen & orangeblossoms ~ thanks!

    qt ~ it all fits in to a lovely time doesn't it?

    chani ~ so glad!

    dj kirby ~ oh, it WAS ... definately.

  8. You saw belugas. in the wild. and other whales?

    I envy you.

    My children love love love the idea of going to Marineland. years ago, when bigirl was not even two, we brought her. And I was so sad all day. So sad watching the dolphins and orcas perform. Terribly sad at the sight of the belugas in their tanks.

    littlegirl now wants to go. And her dad will take her. But I will not go. I cannot.

  9. carzymumma ~ yes, I do see orcas and humpacks regularly and in Russia we regularly saw Minke whales...oh and Dall's porpoises. And I have seen the occasional grey whale (usually in spring). But this day it was just the belugas. I should have posted about the orcas after my last field excursion to do oceanographic sampling but I was too tired...maybe next time :)

  10. hi wayfarer, as a friend of froghair, i'm double happy you guys had a nice visit. i missed her return to more southerly, slightly less rainy, slightly more populous city due to my own adventuring in the southwest, and i can't wait to hear more. this post made me think of moby dick, i love it!

  11. matte ~ Hi! I figured you came over here from her site. Hope you had a fantastic trip yourself in the SW.

  12. thanks! it was amazing. living in a wet place has made me love the rain and cold and gray skies, but also given me love for hot, dry escapes. i sure appreciate your habit of responding to each comment, even to old posts, feel free to use the email if you like.


  13. matte ~ oh! thanks! I may have to give that email a try :) I too love the hot & dry and then when I've had that for a while I love the opposite.


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