22 September 2007

Low Tide

The Disreputable Dog & I went out for a long stroll on one of our favorite beaches the other evening. The sun was below the horizon already in the part of town where my house is but on the beach it was still there but it was brisk and I was glad I brought along my lighter wool hat (I have a series of these that increase in weight as the weather gets colder).

We found all kinds of cool things on the beach and brought back pictures to share with you. One thing we found lots of were stranded jellies and nudibranchs. The nudibranchs increase dramatically in the northern oceans at this time of year. I'm not exactly sure you could call it migrating since they don't have a lot of self propelling ability but all the same, this time of year they suddenly show up in the water in large numbers and thus we start seeing them on the beaches along with the usual jellies.

The mudflats were generously patterned by the receding tides by endless ripples. I love the patterns of landscape, how it repeats, how it varies, how persistence of small forces over a long period of time can change everything as can something large and catastrophic.

A jack salmon, so called because of it's small size which indicates that something went wrong and it didn't become sexually mature. This one is a little dried out and some seagull has poached it's guts for a snack. With so many salmon laying around right now they can afford to be choosy about their favorite portions.

Sea duck footprints in the mud. No, they're not from sea gulls. The Disreputable Dog would have noticed these whether or not they were visible but I, being less blessed in the olfactory senses then he, had to rely on eye sight. I have a collection of footprint pictures from all different places and from all kinds of animals for reasons I can't really explain other then to say I love reading footprints and trying to read the story of what happened right there through them.This duck landed here and then waddled around a bit uncertainly before heading straight to the freshwater tributary that feeds the sea here.


  1. Great pictures.. absolutely! :)



  2. "how persistence of small forces over a long period of time can change everything as can something large and catastrophic"

    how eloquent. i think you described vividly the demise of my first marriage. :)

  3. When Iconsider the typical behavior of seagulls on the gulf coast, it's a stretch of the imagination to think of them as discriminating diners : )

    Thanks for elaborating about the sights and smells on the previous post. I could feel the shifting of the ice in my chest.

  4. is it a jack salmon because it's all jacked up?

    i love those pictures, sister.

  5. If I decide that this wedding/marriage thing isn't quite for me, I'm totally running away to Alaska. You just make it seem so right. Of course, it is....

  6. nice photos, thanks! i love how the ripples also reflect other similar patterns in the landscape, like waves, or sand dunes.

  7. Wow!! Oh, wow!
    These pictures are amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by my way the other day....

    I'll be back this way, for sure.

  8. maypole & chani ~ thanks!

    liv ~ ah yes, the forces of nature are within everything we do.

    ms chica ~ no problem! It's nice to know other people are atune to the senses involved in finding place.

    jen ~ something like that...

    oragneblossoms ~ well, I hope it works out for you, the marriage thing, butif you do run away to Alaska let me know!

    matte ~ isn't that cool? I love that too, how you can see similar patterns in all scales of nature.

    pilgrim/ herectic ~ yay!

    tabba ~ welcome & thank you!

  9. You need to stop seducing my eyes. Those jellyfish.

    Nature is so strange and wonderful and surreal.

  10. I just love the pics on your blog so much.


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