05 September 2007

Of Fish (Salmon) & Fungi

Today I just have images for you...


  1. That is a serious mushroom haul! Are they all edible and if so, will you dry them?

  2. The last photo reminds me of abstract art.

  3. Interesting photos. I'd never thought about mushrooms in Alaska. :)



  4. qt ~ yep! They are all edible and have been eaten! This batch went into a wonderful huge pot of cream of mushroom soup. It's amazing how different they can be - some taste like pork or chicken or squid or well, mushrooms :) I do dry some kinds, mostly the boletes. The hedgehog mushrooms which are very abundant here do not dry well, i.e. the concentrate the bitterness that is in them and while edible, they're not tasty so I try to only pick as many as I can use immediately (they're great for omeletes!).

    ms chica ~ it does kind of have that feel doesn't it?

    chani ~ there are fungi anywhere you look :)

  5. Absolutely WONDERFUL photos... thank you so much for sharing them!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  6. More crying from me! Too many memories of Quadra Island at harvest time running through myhead now... thanks, it's a good thing...honest... BEAUTIFUL pics.

  7. scarlett ~ thanks for looking :)

    dj kirby ~ thanks. I hope they were happy tears.


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