11 November 2007

Unusual Cultural Differences

It's not something that would usually come to one's attention but there you go. Historically, it would seem, that there was a cultural difference between how Moroccans and Scottish would deal with their political rivals and bring down monarchs. In Scotland it seems the story of anyone of historical political importance ended with "and they were beheaded in the year...". In Morocco beheading wasn't so much the thing, they perfered to poison them and the historical literature is full of tales of the various poisons used and the tricks of applying them.


  1. beheading seems so much more straightforward. poisoning is a bit cunning. sly. not quite so in your face and yet scarier somehow.

    what were some of the tricks?

  2. I'm with jen - dying by poison would be a horrible way to go, especially if it took awhile.

    But yes, if you know the tricks, wouldn't we all like to know?

  3. Since the down of civilization, man has worked hard to perfect the art of seizing the life on an enemy. Civilization is hardly civilized.

  4. jen ~ you know, I was thinking the same thing...beheading is sort of a public display where as posioning is always a secretive act.

    qt ~ yes, pick your poison indeed. shudder. As for tips, you'll have to go elsewhere for those, I'm not sure I want to encourage the kinds of visitors they might draw.

    ms chica ~ civilized? That's just the term that a particular group of bi-pedal carbon based life forms uses to differentiate it from others of the same.

    maypole ~ indeed. The differences and the similarities.

    crazymumma ~ yes, but I believe that poison with it's vomit & bowel loosening may not have been cleaner.


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