06 November 2007

Morocco: the city of Fes

We took the opportunity to stay in a Riat, an old home of formerly wealthy occupants, within the Medina walls in Fes.

This pool in a Madrassa uses the laws of physics to make you think which ever end you are standing at is shallower then the far end although the pool is of exactly the same depth through out.

A "hip shot" of women walking in the street. In places where I didn't want to call attention to my camera I simply placed it by my hip and took random shots. I was suprised by how many actually turned out and weren't simply of odd pieces of ground.

Slippers in a leather shop above the fabled tanneries

The old walls of the city, crumbling now

Overlooking the leather dying pits and tanneries

An apothecary, Moroccan style

The blindingly white Jewish graveyard outside Fes city walls

Looking at the Medina from outside the walls

The inside of a carpet shop - beautiful carpets but no thank you, I don't want to buy three so I can sell two when I return home no matter how good a price I get for them. Here I patiently looked through the ledgers of the men selling carpets as he tried to find the names of other Alaskans he had sold to. Contacts are everything here.

A patient donkey on a street in the Medina

A window to weaving


  1. Is it wrong that I want to hug the donkey?

  2. Wow, what gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. aw. i'm so jealous of this wonderful journey!

  4. qt ~ no, I'm quite sure it needed one :)

    mad hatter ~ no problem!

    liv ~ :)

  5. I've always fancied a trip to Morocco - thanks to your pictures and writing, I'll be booking my trip next week. Thanks!

  6. There's TONS to do in Morocco! My best friend and I spent three days trekking the sahara, we layed on the beach, we shopped every souk in essaouira looking at breathtaking Morocco property
    constructions, we went to the tanneries in Marrakech, we toured the walled 'old towns'- we hit up the fresh fruit and nut stands, we dined on a rooftop terrace with a family we met on the street- we tried on berber cosmetics- we gave alms to the poor- we tried the street vendors' food, we took a 13 hour bus ride through the atlas mountains- (on which we listened to a muslim extremist preach in arabic)- we were somewhat unwillingly tattooed with henna- (which is really cool, actually)...throw in the hundreds of sights to see and people to meet- Morocco is an INCREDIBLE experience!


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