29 November 2007

Frozen Puddles

Sunrise this morning (taken by Nate Chambers). I
haven't downloaded my own yet.

I am usually a morning person but this chest cold in combination with the sun not bothering to rise over the mountain peaks until nigh 10:30 or 11 am is doing me in and it's only November. This morning my alarm went off first, I hit the snooze until it no longer rang, feeling the warmth of my bed. Then the paper star lamp went on bathing my room in mellow light and still I resisted opening my eyes, slipping from my dream world. The radio came on and by now the Disreputable Dog was getting anxious, stretching at maximum tag ringing capacity, pushing his wet nose under the comforter, sighing loudly. The Disreputable Cat didn't really care whether I got up or not but since she was awake it was a good time to attack my feet or to see if I would provide her with her own live heating pad. And slowly, like from the depths of a deep well, I pulled myself awake, coughing up deep meaty, almost edible coughs and reluctantly surrendered my bed. Where upon, his job done, the Disreputable Dog immediately went into his kennel and went back to sleep until summoned for his morning walk.

A November frozen shore in Quebec (2005)

For the first time in two weeks it was neither snowing nor raining and the whole world had turned crisp and twinkling with the star footprints of Jack Frost. The puddles had all frozen into panes of white that are absolutely delightful to smash. Frozen puddle jumping is one of those delightful activities that is so much fun you almost feel guilty about it. I mean, smashing puddles? That sounds almost ominous, like a predilection for violence. The Disreputable Dog, no fool, goes for the deeper puddles where there might still be some water under the freeze and digs himself a fresh drink while I happily clink and clatter through the puddles around him. We gambol our way through the frozen neighborhoods, the water saturated soil crunching delightfully beneath our feet, the streets dark and empty but for ourselves and the occasional rabbit. Sunrise was not until much later - one of the advantages of living at such high latitudes is that at this time of year, although the sun never makes it very high in the sky, there are very prolonged sunrise-sets (see top pic)...sometimes one fades into the other.

A crisp November morning in Newfoundland (2005)

Interestingly the change of seasonal light seems to have a strong effect on the animals as well as the humans. The Disreputable Cat is no longer batting the window shade over my bed two hours before I wake and seems mildly disgruntled that I do get out of bed. The Disreputable Dog likewise will sleep all morning long if my various waking devices don't go off. He only bothers to get up because he figures someone has to get my sorry bum out of bed because that's why I have all those devices going off, right? And then he promptly returns to bed, snoring slightly because he has propped his chin up on the edge of his kennel.


  1. amazing. what a beautiful world you live in.

  2. God that's beautiful.
    And it seems like such a surreal place to live in!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  3. Beautiful photos to go with a beautiful description.

    Also, I think you gave me your cough. :(

  4. damn it! i can't believe i forgot you. i fixed it...going down my blogroll also realized you weren't there. what is that?? i'm a fool.

  5. liv, don't be too hard on yourself dear, I won't take it personally 'cause I know you're always here giving me support (and although I'm always reading your site I sometimes forget to comment). Anywho, I just had to give you some flak. But I luvs you.

    scarlett, thank you! yes, I know what you mean, I know that when I head to parts south for the holidays I will find the rest of the world quite surreal.

    ecogeofemme, damn! I think I got via blogland too ... the blogland croup. Have a cup of ginger & honey tea with me, it helps.

  6. While the photo is so beautiful, the fact that it is a prelude to only a few hours of sunlight...well...I can honestly tell you that would not be doable for me. I mean, if I was required to function in a waking state.

    Get well soon, friend.

  7. ahhh. jumping frozen puddles, that's high living! I'm starting to count on you to remind me of all the things I miss about snowy winters. thanks. love the disreputable stories too, hope they're helping you get over the croup.


    thanks too for the great photos.

  8. Stunning photos!! I really enjoyed this post. I feel rather like a cyber traveller when I read your blog.

  9. It's Pretty, I would like to see a frozen northern winter just once!

  10. I wish he was here to get my direputable butt out of bed.

    You need to check out this site, I really think you would like it.


  11. Please send me an email. I'd like to ask you something and I can't find your email address.

  12. Feel better soon..... (also, what they said about the beauty....)

  13. qt, thanks for the well wishes.

    matte, it is high living indeed! Glad you like the writing & photos.

    gill, awwww...thanks, what a complement!

    flutter, isn't it just?

    duckie, and you should!

    crazymumma, shall I send him over on a loaner? Thanks for the blog recommendation!

    sciencewoman, I would gladly except that I don't have your email. You can reach me at my psyeudonm (no spaces) on gmail.

    orangeblossoms, thanks for the well wishes.

  14. smashing puddles... I used to do that as a kid in michigan. fun.

  15. I never had you pegged for a snoozer, but I admit it does my self esteem good to know I am not alone...The the wake up ritual for me includes a fourteen pound cat blocking my reach for the snooze and then subsequently performing various renditions of the bed dance. Delightful.

    Beautiful photos.

  16. ms chica, I never used to be a snoozer. In fact I used to not be able to stand hearing the alarm clock go off more then once. But you know, it's amazing what enough dark winters in Alaska can do to your sleep habits.


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