04 November 2007

Back in Alaska

I'm back! Admittedly, a little later then planned due to a 19 hour delay of my first flight resulting in subsequent delays there after. I had a fabulous trip and I promise to tell you about it in subsequent posts! Promise! I came home to a snowstorm - the kind that makes it hard to tell if you're even moving when you drive in it. The Diresputables are more then pleased to see me back and I them although we all have some schedule adjusting to do. My friend who watched them works a swing shift and so in some senses, they too have been in a different time zone. I always find that my stomach is the last to finally recover from jet lag. It wakes me up demanding to know why I missed an important meal and refuses to eat when it's actually meal time. I forced myself to stay up until 9pm last night, going cross-eyed from the effort and then managed to sleep most of the night although I still rose all together too early for a weekend after too little sleep.

While I was away the lovely Gill of Gill's Jottings awarded me my first ever blogger award! I was very touched by her comment about my blog "Wayfarer scientista who teaches me daily that you are never too old to learn, a fascinating blog!" THANK YOU GILL ! She awards me the community blogger award which celebrates people who reach out and make the blogging community a better one.

In my turn I award:

JEN of One Plus Two. While I suspect Jen has more then a few of these awards around she was the first to welcome me to blogger land and always leaves comments and has a wonderful blog. She is also the instigator of the "Just Posts" for a just world.

Feminist Engineer. She is the instigator of the Scientiae Carnival which has allowed me to meet many interesting researchers, expanding my community beyond that of the researchers I run into directly in my own field.

Sipping Hot Chocolate. Athena's blog was one of the first I regularly visited and I love seeing the world through her camera lens. When I first commented on her blog I was so delighted that she replied to me.

MAD HATTER of A Mad Tea Party . Mad has taken topics that I have discussed on other blogs and written new posts about them and has made for very lively dialogue that is much appreciated.


  1. WELCOME BACK! dude, can't wait to hear all the stories...

    and thanks...(shucks)

  2. welcome home! and congrats on your award!

  3. Welcome back, Wayfarer! The Disreputables must have been ecstatic to see you.

    Thanks so much for the award--my first blogging award too. Much appreciated, and I look forward to many more interesting discussions!

  4. well it was about time you got back! LOL. seriously, good to see you and can't wait to hear of your adventures. thanks for the award too!

  5. Welcome home! It's been a long dry spell in the blogosphere without you! I'm so glad you are pleased with the award - it was well deserved :-)

  6. jen ~ thanks! Glad to be back.

    maypole ~ thank you!

    mad hatter ~ indeed, they were.

    froghair ~ awww, thanks!

    athena ~ did ya' miss me? :)

    gill ~ thanks again! so sweet of you!

  7. good choices! glad you're back!


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