25 February 2009

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

So I finally am able to upload my photos again - but the system isn't yet refined so I can add my nifty little signature to them. Oh well. This picture is from my weekend ski along a fire break north west of my house. There are a gazillion unofficial trails all throughout Alaska and in winter you can access the ones that in summer would be swamp, such as this fire break. I think they planned this one so it would frame the mountain just so, don't you?


  1. A beautiful photo. But do I see some vegetation being allowed to grow in the middle of the firebreak?
    Not a good idea, as we've learned in Victoria.

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting me. Last I was here, you'd been gone awhile. Nothing new on my other blog.... just the same ol same ol.

    I am glad to be connected in some small, bloggy way.

  3. Looks fantastic: and reminds me just how exhilarating skiing is.

  4. parlance, yes, you do. Don't worry, it will be mowed down just before the frosted soil melts.

    albatross, thank you!

    orangeblossoms, yeah, I was gone for awhile. But I'm back :) And glad to be re-connecting.

    trousers, skiing is great, no?


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