04 February 2009

Mercury & Alkali

I find it amusing that I can tell if it's getting below -5F (approx. -21C) because after that temperature the colder it gets the warmer the indoor, alkaline battery operated thermometer at work goes up. So currently it's -20F (approx. -29C which is the D.Dog's favorite all around temperature to lounge around outside in) and the indoor thermometer reads 68F (20C)! Which it's clearly not because I daren't even take my long underwear off indoors and I refuse to even cross the parking lot without my hat. So instead I peer out in the dark at the bi-metallic sensor which currently is accurate. But sadly, this thermometer, like all I've ever seen commercially available, stops at -60F (approx. -51C). Which is clearly not good enough here because we bury the needle at least once a winter. Mercury is no good either - it freezes at -39C (-38.15F), where both Fahrenheit and Celsius are almost the equal.

Perhaps it's time to get an alcohol thermometer - do you think I can make my own? It has a suitably low freezing point ( -113C , approx. -171F) - the weather gods have mercy on us if we ever get to that limit!


  1. I hope it never gets to the limit of an alcohol thermometer - brrrr!

  2. Our thermometer is even worse. It doesn't go below -25 degrees C and we're free to guess at whatever temperature it might be appropriate to dress for. Not quite good enough for this place either. Maybe I should try to make an alcohol thermometer as well.

  3. Oh how well I remember -40C/F. For now though our temperature forecast for tomorrow is +43C. I prefer the colder temps and think you should try to make your own thermometer.

  4. saxifraga - if I find the right alcohol I'll let you know!


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