20 February 2009

Short Week

This image is from my trip up on the Alaska Marine Highway this January. It exudes serenity and peacefulness. I'm feeling somewhat wordless today - the week escaped me, somehow it's Friday but I missed Wednesday. I have fun weekend plans - more skiing, a dinner date, a new book club to attend, and the Yukon Quest Dog Race to follow. I'm feeling dreamy and tired now as I snuggle with the D. Cat on my lap and the D. Dog at my feet. Did I mention the D. Dog caught himself breakfast the other morning? He was most pleased with himself.


  1. Thanks for a serenity pic - I'm feeling rather scattered, can't decide on anything or focus.

    What did D.Dog catch? Dogs are so pleased when they find their own food!

  2. I'm so glad you're back in bloggy land, you were missed. Kicking back with pets is excellent therapy, gonna do a lot of that myself.

  3. thanks for not sharing a picture of what he caught for breakfast

  4. Dinner date in the date sense? (sorry, I'm nosy).

  5. Silver Fox - a snowshoe hare.

    Doris Rose - thanks!

    Painted Mayole - no worries! Despite the toe pic I try and keep gore at minimum!

    Cath - ;)


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