03 March 2009

Happy Square Root Day!

Okay, on a purely nerdy note, today is square root day - a day when both the day of the month and the month are the square root of the last two digits of the year - a holiday that only comes around once every nine years. It is one of those oddly satisfying symmetries in the world.

On a related note, there's only 17 days left until the equinox! Woot!

(Edited on 3/6/09 to add: I made a mistake! I meant to say that square root day only occurs 9 times a century. NOT every 9 years! Sorry I didn't catch that earlier!)


  1. Every 9 years? That doesn't soundquite right, shouldn't there have been one on 2/2/04? And the next one will be 4/4/16?

    OK, I'm a square ;)

  2. Cath is right. Bloody nerdy though :)

  3. oddly enough, I am reading this on pi day


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