27 May 2009


It's been a busy time. Tiredness lags at the eyes in the early morning and though the sun is bright there is a deep calm in the chest as if the body would easily fall into slumber if it came to rest for a few seconds. But it isn't the season for rest.

I'm trying hard this field season to schedule for weekends at home. Home to tend my garden, the Disreputables, to catch up with bills, to remember the feel of my own bed, to spend time with my new boyfriend. However, sometimes other things happen. Last Friday 4 Germans showed up at headquarters asking after me. Turns out they are my mother's cousins and were here for the weekend. We had a lot of fun visiting but entertaining is not exactly restful. The weekend before we hosted a going away party for two colleagues with more then 75 people showing up - a fabulous potluck with lots of kids running around and funny stories and with more people showing up then I even know in the community.

Seasonal allergies have hit hard these last two weeks. Birch and aspen then the willows and now the spruces are blooming - all wind pollinated. It exacerbates the feeling of tiredness. I'm in Los Anchorage with one of my crews - we've got gear to get and some training to cover while here. I had forgotten that Los Anchorage can actually be a pleasant place in spring. I have my bicycle and in the evenings I explore corners of town I wasn't aware existed as well as long time favorite places. There are more fishermen standing on the banks then I would expect for this time of year but the bike ride refreshes me and I recover from anti-social feelings. It's hard this time of year to find time for the self - too many crews of people all clamouring for attention as they adjust to life here at the park and figure out how to do things. It makes me feel vaguely parental even though many of them are older then I am. Patience is important as is good humor.

I want to share pictures but I am on a different computer and the connection doesn't work and so I will have to wait.


  1. here's to getting some rest and feeling better soon!

  2. ooh new boyfriend! hope you get to spend time with him!

  3. Busy is exhausting but sounds like it is all good. I too am excited to hear of a new boyfriend. Hope you can enjoy it all.

  4. Would love to see the pictures. Glad to see that you are doing well; albeit tired.

    Get rest.
    Missed it here!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  5. i was thinking of you this morning as we are currently visited by a bit of polar air in the form of a cold front.

    your words paint such an awesome picture - i wish i could bicycle through the inspiration for your painting. sigh...one day :)

  6. There will be an update on the boyfriend soonish! And pictures. When I am back on my own computer.


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