08 June 2009

Burning Daylight

It's June and the solstice is around the corner. The entire first week of June went by in the blink of an eye and now it's summer in Alaska. It's hot too. For those of you who still secretly harbor thoughts that it is always cold in Alaska I'll have you note that it was 85F (30C) all last week. The salmon have begun running and we are harvesting the first of our lettuce. This weekend I found a junco's nest in the grass and the mosquitoes got so bad that we were actually forced inside long enough to realize the power had been off for 6 hours. I got my fishwheel permit and we're on the neighbor's fishwheel so I expect a few 3am phone calls to clean a hundred fish or so. WE even did a little dipnetting but there was a rain on Friday and the fish were hanging loose in the water, gauging the new flow, and we didn't have any hits. There is so much I want to come and write about here, to share with all of you, and yet I never seem to make it here lately. There's just too much going on. We are burning daylight here - and like the metaphorical candle it is on both ends.

I'm headed to the most famous of Alaskan parks this week to pick up another crew of mine and to attend some of their training - they are part of a network effort so all of the training for several parks will be occurring there. I'm not looking forward to the 7 hour drive (starting as soon as I'm done here) but it should be an enjoyable week and I hope it will be cooler. Truth be told though, I think this park is rather over-rated and has too many visitors, I prefer my own (but then, I'm biased). But still, it should be fun and I will likely run into many people I know there from grad school and other jobs. If I'm really lucky I'll get out on a hike or a run there. But it's unlikely - that is, if you don't count field work. Thank goodness for fieldwork though! It's what makes all the lab and computer time worth it. Of course, it makes it hard to get around to reading all of you as regularly as I would like...


  1. I had to Google fish wheels! Sounds like you have lots of salmon BBQs in your future - yum.

    Keep on enjoying the summer!

  2. wow, I am surprised, 85 huh? It's 65 right now and probably won't hit 80...in New Mexico.

  3. Sounds like a fun summer so far! We'll look forward to your stories whenever you share them!

  4. I was also unfamiliar with the fish wheel. :)
    I am surprised that it is 85 degrees. I figured it wouldn't get that warm there for another month or two. Now I know better, plus I know what a fishwheel is.

  5. Sounds lovely! Oh, I know about being too busy with life to have time to write about it... and I imaginge I'd be totally hyper with that much daylight!

    What's this about a new boyfriend? Did I miss something? Inquiring minds want to know...

  6. I hope you have a wonderful time!

    We've been rained on every day for two weeks now, with at least one tornado a day *in denver*, it's been crazy.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  7. Maybe next post you could show some pics of the fishwheel?? BBQ fresh salmon sounds yummy, I miss home!

  8. Every time I look here to see how you are doing, I see that wonderful title and wonder if anyone yet has copped to the Shakespearean reference.

    No? Just me?

    Hope to see a new post soon.



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