06 February 2008

Post Super Tuesday Stupor

Ooof. What great turn out we had for the Colorado county caucus where my parents live. We were absolutely overwhelmed. Of course, my father is a big get-out-the-voter and he had ever single registered voter in our county called to remind them of the caucus, many of them he called personally. And so we had the largest turn out ever for this county and it seems we weren't alone. I am pleased to see my fellow citizens turn out to vote in such numbers. I heard that in Fairbanks, Alaska 1,000 people showed up in -41F (-40.54 C) temperatures. We had 5 precincts at our caucus area and I was kept very busy checking people in for more then an hour and the parking lot was so full that people were circling and we were afraid that not everybody would get in.

It was interesting to me that during the caucus nobody seemed ambivalent about the process. We had some people who were very angry about the caucus set-up: they wanted to come in and vote and then leave and they didn't want to have to talk or listen to other people's opinions. We had people who were just so excited about being there and feeling like their voice counted; excited to be involved. And we had young children zooming about on office chairs in the corridors. Note to the organizers next year: if you plan on getting the vote out it might be a good idea to provide a babysitter.


  1. I am on the edge of my chair waiting for the results. I hope the president turns out to be someone who will make positive changes.

  2. You paint the scene very well.

  3. Thank You WS for your support of the process. I'm sorry I didn't help out at our polling place. The turn out was amazing and inspiratinal. It seems the people are speaking!Time for change.

  4. The momentum definitely seems to building.

  5. Noticed both AL and CO Baracked the Vote. Nicely done.

  6. shit, sorry. AK. I meant AK. whew. calm down already. no one's calling you AL.

    (not that there's anything wrong with that)

  7. So much more exciting than Canadian politics I amust say.

  8. I get so excited about this stuff..... guess everybody else does, too.

  9. hel, you and me both.

    meno, thank you.

    doris rose, it was indeed inspirational - and hopeful.

    qt, let's hope it carries.

    jen, no worries! At least you know AK can vote for US president!! grin

    crazymumma, at the moment for sure, but sometimes being exciting is because there is a lot more at stake and that's a bit scary too!

    orangeblossoms, indeed, at least this time around!


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