12 February 2008

Elementary Lessons

The school I attended from 5th through 8th grade put on a musical every spring. Everybody put on the musical. We used math and physics classes to build sets & make costumes, art classes to paint them, English & music classes to write the tunes, etc. It was a all school encompassing event - everyone was involved. I was a horrible actor and a terrible singer and I found the auditions terribly embarrassing. I would not have been in these musicals if they had not been mandatory. I was not a outgoing child and though there were many things I loved about my school I'm not sure the musicals made the list. But they seem to have been among the things that stuck. Often our musicals were twists on existing musicals, for example we did a set called "Into the Mountains" instead of "Into the Woods". Lately I've been wishing that I had recordings of the songs we made.

I haven't made mention of it here but I have picked up various jobs which I am referring to as "cash" jobs. They are decent jobs but they aren't don't have anything to do with science or my chosen career but they help pay the bills and mark the time until I get back to that career. Anywho, the other day, while doing a particularly dull task at the computer and listening to random music I heard the opening song to our musical "Into the Mountains" which was from a recording of a former music teacher of mine. And it brought back to me not only the memories of standing on that stage but also seemed to remind me of kernels of truth about myself.

This is Mount Sopris, of the Rocky Mountains, she stands just shy of 14,000 feet and watched over my youth constantly from all parts of the valley while I in turn took my yearly pilgrimages up her flanks to her peaks. (2008)

Something is calling me
in to the mountains
out of the valley
and over the stream.

Come know the wilderness,
come find escape,
come feel the mystery,
come share your dream.

Someone is calling me
into the mountains
bringing me higher
towards the unknown.

Dare climb the mountainside,
dare reach the peak,
dare start the journeying,
don’t try to speak.

Some need adventure,
some need a test,
search for a hero,
I'm on a quest.

I hear you calling me,
I'm not alone,
finding the path
that leads me home.
Let's climb the mountainside,
we'll reach the peak,
let's start the journeying,
leading us home.

-words by Polly Whitcomb


  1. Yeah. sometimes it is those very early things that ring true so many years later.

  2. this in particular:

    Some need adventure,
    some need a test,
    search for a hero,
    I'm on a quest.

    made me think of you and smile.

  3. yes, I'm with jen ~ love the picture, what mountain is it?

    and btw, irritated that I left a comment on your coffee post that never showed up {pout}

  4. What a wonderful song. Lately I have been working on ways to create a live of going into the mountains so my heart came alive when reading these words.

  5. Sweet lyrics.

    I remember having a similar distaste for another all-encompassing event - Sports Day. Ugh.

    Lovely mountains, btw. Where do I find them??

  6. If that song came up randomly it would be quite a statistically surprising thing. Maybe the universe is telling you something ;-)
    BTW, I thought of you today when there was a professor at our local university being interviewed - she is a polyglot, knows an AMAZING number of languages and she was celebrating the numbers of languages that are NOT extinct, and I think she mentioned Brazil as a place where dozens of languages are alive and well. She mentioned some other place, think somewhere in the old USSR, where there are HUNDREDS of languages that are prospering.

  7. crazymumma, definately.

    jen, You spotted exactly the line that spoke to me the most.

    qt, it didn't?? (I'll add a comment about the mtn)

    hel, so glad you enjoyed it.

    but why, editing to add caption for the mtn! Lucky for me we did have sport days in those grades.

    parlance, ah, but statistics always allow for a certain probability that something can happen even if it seems very small. The chance is never zero. But I indeed listen to what the song says. Good to hear about the languages.

    liv, :)

  8. I read between the lines and even before i saw the Mountain knew where THE Valley was. I felt that i was between the Frying Pan and the fire, but the picture of The Mountain made things Crystal clear.

    I was raised at the north end of the Valley and love The Mountain too. I left in the 70's and have no desire to return, for the valley of my youth has become home to veritable "milliions" of 'em.

    Your photo of the crocus brought tears to my eve and i humbly thank you .


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