18 February 2008

A Cat & Her Dog

"I've got it, I've got it...will someone else help me out here? I'm not sure I can hold onto it all by myself!" So I imagine the caption for this picture of the Disreputable Cat holding onto her dear Disreputable Dog's tail for all she's worth. I wish I had the camera out earlier when she was fast asleep with her nose nuzzled into it. Her doggy. Her beloved doggie. And his scrumptious tail which one can play with when needing to vent some predatory instincts and then sleep with when one is done. That is pure cat happiness. I just had to share it.


  1. I LOVE that rug!

    (seriously, i couldn't think of anything else when i saw the photo)

  2. That is a fabulous photo! And I think your caption is bang on!

  3. That's one brave dog... feline predatory instincts are not to be taken lightly, as my sister's toes will attest! (For some reason they were our cat's favourite stalk-and-bite objects).

  4. your disreputable cat looks an awful lot like mine! And she's quite the huntress. Maybe we need to go get ourselves a big doggy so that she has mobile prey..... Well, that might not be fair to the dog after all..... Love this photo, Wayfarer.

  5. What a great photo. This looks so much like my 80 pound gentle giant dog Sadie and my cat Lilly (who can be sweet and also not so sweet). At times I catch them sleeping together, cuddled up, it is so sweet. This shot is just perfect.

  6. What a lovely photo. The disreputable cat is simply the cutest cat ever.

  7. Not just CAT happiness....I'D be happy too.


  8. The disreputable cat looks very happy and content :-) What a great pick-me-up picture!

  9. So cute! Our small cat would love to cuddle with our dog, but it is precarious- he has 85 pounds on her. They make do by licking each others snouts.

  10. Your lovely photo made me feel good. Thanks.

  11. That's adorable!

    How about this caption: "You shoulda seen the one that got away!"

  12. liv, it is gorgeous, isn't it? And the brown bit, just in case you were wondering, is the base of a homemade cat scratching post.

    bean-mom, not as cute as your kids!

    julie, thanks!

    cae, well, admitedly, since my dog has killed both snowshoe hares and grouse I thought the cat was brave but the two of them bonded and they put up with all manner of stuff from each other.

    orangebloosoms, I thought that when I saw the pic of yours. Kitty dog-tag party! Sounds good to me.

    chani, thanks!

    eileen, Isn't it funny how the bog dogs are gentle giants and the cats can be sweet or holy terrors?

    saxifraga, thanks! I think so but I'm biased.

    fireant, the Disreputable Dog says he thinks he wants to meet you and that you can come cuddle with him any time.

    amanda, glad it served as a Monday pick-me up.

    dancingfish, erm, my dog has 109lbs on my cat but that never stopped them. Beats the heck out of me how they worked it out.

    parlance, yay! you're welcome.

    meno, oooo- I like it!!

    jen, laugh, indeed.

  13. I dunno, I don't get round to visiting your site for a week or two and what happens, you post one of the cutest pics ever!
    She's adorable :)

  14. Cats and children see the magic in everything. As I type this, my own furry friend lies in wait.

  15. Me too, dj - more cat photos I say!

  16. trousers, awww...thanks! See what happens when you don't come round?

    maypole, it's very cheery isn't it?

    ms chica, so glad...mrow.

    dj, awww...thanks!!

    trousers, okay, there will be more, but I have to post a few other things for people who aren't into cats & dogs :)


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