14 November 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow!

I've made it safely home despite a white knuckle drive from Los Anchorage after my two conferences and a brief bout of not-quite-the-flu. I was not too keen on the snow when driving home. It is always a little scary when you only know where the side of the road is when you drive over the rumble strip. It makes one thankful for rumble strips in a way that one normally is not. Perhaps it wasn't too good of an idea to listen to an audio book that involved a guy deciding to cut off his arm to escape from a canyon (Aaron Ralston). I was as relieved to skid into my drive as the Disreputables and my love were. I was wired for half the night on adrenaline.

Now however, big fat fluffy flakes and snow piled higher then my knees, slush rushing down the increasingly constricted river, and lots of white stuff just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love snow. I really do. Ask anyone who went to undergrad with me where there was no snow. I love snow, I love winter. Tomorrow the skis are coming out!


  1. I've always thought that snow was much lovelier when it was there for me to play in and not try to really get anywhere in. Enjoy your skiing today!

  2. I too love snow, and I loved your description of the drive home. We have it coming, I know, but today, when I look out the window it is still green, and the trees though bare, are still snowfree, and it is in the 50s....

    And snow makes you glad you can walk to work, walk to the store, walk to the book store.

    And of course dogs love it.


  3. @ Amanda - thank you! Was fabulous.

    @ FireAnt - it is fabulous stuff isn't it?

  4. I saw snow on the mountains today - first time this year! Always a special moment, and a good way to mitigate the shock of returning from Cuba to the November gloom.


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