18 November 2009


There has been a bit too much excitement in my life lately. I'm hoping for a mellow night some time soon. There follows three ways to have your adrenaline surge:

1) Hearing the cry of some beast while stepping naked from the sauna while it's blizzarding (not a verb, I'm sure). Turns out it was a stray cat with a canning jar ring around his neck. We coaxed him into the warmth, took off the lid, and fed him a little spoon of wet cat food every hour. He was clearly starving and miserable. He has since gotten a clean bill of health from the vet (a 5hr round trip) and is schmoozing with the DDog while still a bit afraid of the DCat.

2) To come home from a lovely walk with the DDog to the sound of a smoke alarm going off only to find flames merrily dancing their way up to the ceiling outside of the stove in the basement. Got to pracitce my fire fighting skills and use of the fire extinguisher which made a huge mess. My love comes home from the vet with the newly vetted cat to find me looking wild in the basement with all the windows in the house open eve if it's -20F and soot and fire extinguisher dust all over the place. "Honey I almost burnt the house down."

3) Crash! Bang! After the fun post fire clean up the middle of the night finds the newly liberated stray trying to find extra scraps of food on the kitchen counter and dislodging and breaking all the dishes he found there.

And to top it off one of my Love's employees loaned her brand new car to someone (3 payments made) only to have it totaled by a driver in Los Anchorage who ran a red light and then got out and ran. Turns out the car was stolen. Luckily all the occupants where okay other then some minor bruises and cuts thanks to seatbelts and airbags.


  1. Yikes. A little knitting by the fire with a cat in your lap is in order, methinks.

    That stray cat is one lucky critter.


  2. I wondered why I was feeling so beat at the end of my day today....must have been sympathy. Glad to know all is well in the end!

  3. Your acquisition sounds very similar to our youngest cat. She turned out to be a wonderful pet once she started understanding what house-cat life was all about (food-sleep-get petted, repeat).

    Stolen car/accident and house fire- waaaaaaaay too much bad excitement all at once!

  4. Sounds like way too much is happening in your life! But it's good to know you saved the cat from a lingering death, and that no-one was badly hurt in the car accident.

  5. Yikes! Glad everyone's OK. Are you going to keep the cat?

  6. Excitement overkill -> hope you will have a relaxing TG holiday! Will you keep the cat? And love those bluish, snowy pictures.


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