27 November 2009


So this is the little guy who showed up on our doorstep. So far no one has come forward to claim him. He has been very friendly towards the other Disreputables and as such well, what can I say? We're soft hearted. So I think he's going to stay as Disreputable Cat Number 2 or D2Cat unless anyone else has a better idea? Feel free to suggest in the comments.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been getting lots of spam comments lately so I've re-engaged the word verification. And I'm sad that in the time I've been gone some of my favorite bloggers have gone to password only blogs and I can't read them now. :(


  1. Absolutely Adorable. I like D2Cat. It seems a shame not to stay with the Disreputables but maybe this one is a Kitty and not a Cat???

    I here you on the spam...I may have to go the same route.

  2. D2Cat works. I'm amazed there isn't more fighting, at least between the cats. Every time we make a new cat addition, it's like WWIII for several weeks.

  3. We all know that cats choose us, not the other way around.

    He's a dear.


  4. I am missing you and missing my own blog... but at least it is not password protected! Hope you are well. I am curious about the last two months... but then I haven't updated in almost a year.


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