27 October 2009


It's past the autumn equinox and I'm long past due on the page. I've been thinking about coming back ever since the equinox as the craze of summer field work has faded but it's hard to know where to start. I've missed being here and sharing with you and although I've been sneak reading some of your blogs I haven't been commenting much. But where to start? Do I give you the blow by blow of a crazy summer? Or do I just start with now? With the two inches of fresh snow and the peach taffeta sunrise that occurs a good two hours after I've arrived at work? With the grouse that are strutting around the yard and the ice flowing down the Copper River? And my goodness, I never did fully explain the fishwheel, oh where did the summer go? And much has changed in my life since I was here last. I moved again (I know! but I think it will be a while until the next one) and I fell in love and got engaged to be married to a wonderful guy. The Disreputable Dog has fully recovered from his surgeries and acts like a young pup and has collected his allotment of fall moose leg bones and the Disreputable Cat has been on shrew patrol in our arctic entry ever since she caught one there a month ago. I wonder who of you are still checking to see if I post? I hope I haven't lost the lot of you. I am here now. Here for the winter. I promise.


  1. Congratulations on a summer that sounds very well spent, indeed. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has been neglecting her posting.

  2. Welcome back! You're in my reader, so a new post from you shows up fast - sometimes faster than I check it. Sounds like a lot has been happening - good things!

  3. Right here with you--I was excited to see a new post from you in my reader today. Congratulations! <3

  4. Congrats! And some of us want details on the engagement :)

  5. Is it synchronicity, or did my comment trigger a post from you? Glad to read all of it, especially that the animals are doing well. You did sort of leave us hanging about them. The idea of sunrise two hours after you get to work gives me the shivers. Soon it will be like that here, I know, but for now, today we are enjoying temperatures in the 60s and sun, and golden fading leaves still on tres, and smells, and apples, and....

    And I'm not ready for sn*w yet.


  6. you're in my reader as well, so no chance to loose me ;) I also would like to hear more on the engagement.

  7. It's so nice to see you back at your blog! RSS feeds really are fantastic things.

    I'd heard some of your news via Facebook, but congratulations again on the engagement! And I'm glad the D Dog has recovered.

  8. How odd (not in a bad way) - I've checked your blog a couple of times in the last week, and (obviously) again tonight. Don't entirely know why, since you hadn't posted since June - so how nice to see activity, and indeed good news.

    Lovely to see you back, and that many good things have happened. Congrats on your engagement!

  9. Glad to have you back and wow sounds like quite a summer. So glad the animals are doing well and congrats on falling love (oh yeah and the engagement too). Please do fill us in on the details. We remain your faithful readers.

  10. What?! Engaged?! Wow! Congratulations, and do tell more!

    Glad you're back (RSS is the best).

  11. I told you before and saying it again....I am so very happy for you and your engagement. I am also happy to hear the Ddog and Dcat are doing well! Glad you are back at the blog, too.
    Take care!

  12. engaged! congrats!

    you sound happy. wonderful.

  13. Wow wow wow!!! Engaged? That's a pretty major, very exciting thing to happen this summer. Congratulations!!!

    Glad to see you writing again. I would really like to start writing on my own blog again too. (sigh)

  14. welcome back! perhaps we should start a getting-back-to-our-blogs support group =)

    Your summer sounds wonderful- congrats on all the new developments!

  15. Congrats on all the news!! I've recently taken a hiatus from blogging as well and am trying to get started again. I figured that if I waited any longer then I might never get back.

  16. @Life Long Scholar - you are definately not alone!

    @SilverFox - indeed!

    @Elizabeth - thank you! Again :)

    @ScienceGirl - next post!

    @YourFireAnt - you did help, that last little prompting. And no, no one else has gotten the Shakespearian reference but you. That I know of.

    @hgg - thank you! Good to be back.

    @Jokerine - your wish shall be granted.

    @Cath - thanks! Yes, but it's better here.

    @trousers - thanks! So glad you randomly happened by!

    @Brigindo - aw, thanks! I am so touched by all of you commenting!

    @EGF -it is! If only I cleaned mine out! Details to follow...

    @LadyIntheRedwoods - thank you again!

    @painted maypole - I am happy. So happy. And lucky.

    @pantheist mom - it's like running, once you get out of the habit it needs an extra push to get going again. But at least you are commenting. I barely did that.

    @Albatross - it sounds like such a group is needed judging by the comments!

    @Microbiologist - yeah, I was kind of at that place too. There are too many friends here that I only see here that I wasn't ready to let go though either.

  17. Congrats! It sounds like you had an eventful summer!


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