10 January 2009

New Year, New Beginnings in 2009

Just before the old year went out I was offered a new job as an –ologist for the largest US National Park in Alaska. I had been toying with the idea of more graduate school and had been pursuing both jobs and PhD options simultaneously. Of course, both of these options became very available at about the same time. For now I chose the job – it was an offer I couldn’t turn down – although I have not entirely given up on the idea of more grad school. So as of Monday (01/12) I head back north. This time I’m taking the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Haines, AK. A very good friend in Alaska has agreed to fly with the Disreputables and to keep them at his house until I arrive – he had plans to be visiting family in Colorado anyway and as much as I will miss those crazy Disreputables on the road I think this will be easiest on all of us. Last I checked, two days ago, the temperature was –78F (or damn cold) and between super cold temperatures and having to be stuck in the hold of the ship for 4 days I’m not sure they would have enjoyed it much.

Yours truly in the largest US National Park in 2002

I am very excited about this new job. I will be living in a very small town again (Town-Where-Two-Highways-Meet
) but I’ve lived here before and have friends here. The park is fabulous and has great staff and there are three ways to drive out of there if I need a break! My new header is a picture of two of the more famous mountains in the park taken in early fall by a park ranger Neil. It’s a bit strange getting a new job as many people are losing or worried about losing theirs. As the economy has continued its path it has become clear to me that the loss of my old job was an early sign of what was to come.


  1. It sounds like an excellent opportunity and something that you will enjoy. I'm glad that 2009 has a lovely beginning for you!

  2. Please call me and let me know what time you will be in Bellingham so we can get together before you sail...I would love to catch up even if its for a few minutes.

  3. Congratulations on getting the job! Have a safe trip to Alaska and a great 2009.

  4. woohoo! Congratulations on the new job. Hope 2009 will be a good year for you (passing by your state tomorrow afternoon)

  5. I'm so happy you had a chance to rest and regroup. Congratulations on the new opportunity! Have a safe trip and I hope all goes smoothly while you get settled.

  6. Congratulations! I'm anxious to read all about your adventures. :-)

  7. Congratulations! I'm so glad that things worked our for you!

    Safe travels.

  8. Congratulations. I'm so glad to hear how well the job search has worked out for you.

  9. Congrats on the job and the adventures ahead. I'm so glad the year of reflection worked well for you.

  10. Hey there! I love your new look. Congrats again!

    MOH and I may be in Ak for the Iditarod, maybe maybe.

    Good luck, have a great trip up. That's always one of my fave parts, the trips on ferry or road.

  11. Congratulations!! Wonderful news.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your new adventures!

  12. Congrats and good luck to you and the Disreputables!

  13. I love your new header.
    And now I'm looking forward to more reports and stories from the north of the planet!

  14. Good stuff!

    So how long do you have in Bellingham? Any chance of a brief jaunt over the border? (I am car-less and have issues with crossing the border...)

  15. horray for new beginnings! see you soon!

  16. congratulations, and I look forward tor eading all about your new adventure!

  17. Awww! I'm so tickled that so many of you found your way back so fast after my long absence!

    amanda - I'm hoping so!

    ladyintheredwoods - indeed, will do.

    stepwise girl, thank you!

    hypoglycemiagirl - wish I was there to meet you!

    post-doc - thank you! glad it worked well as a "rest-up"!

    pantheist mom- i promnise to report. My big bloggy break is over.

    ecogeofemme- thanks so much, me too!

    saxifrage- thanks! I'm glad it eventually worked - I was getting worried after a year of applications.

    brigindo- thanks. me too...

    silver fox- thanks! Thought I should get a new look for a new year and a new adventure.

    bean-mom- thanks! I'll be here!

    jonzie- thanks so much!

    parlance- thanks! (see my above comment to silver fox).

    cath - not entirely certain but we should definitely give it a try. You do know though that with all my crap it might be harder for me to get through the border?

    froghair - indeed!! Looking forward to it! :)

    painted maypole, thank you!

  18. Just catching up with you - this is great news - congrats, girl!

  19. I just got back from being on the road myself, and I am soo glad to see the good news here! Good luck with the new beginnings!

  20. Congrats on the new job and have a great 2009!



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