20 January 2009

Day 9 on the road - Stuck due to road closures

Well, I made it off the ferry and promptly got stuck as the pass made famous by gold diggers of the Klondike Gold Rush has been closed for 3 days straight. So close to my destination and yet so far! On the up side - this means I actually got to watch the Obama inauguration this morning. Yay!! The whole event leaves me with feelings of goodwill towards the world and with hope.

The ferry was lovely - lots of interesting people to talk to and gorgeous, unprecedented, June-like weather. Which explains my current problem. Two straight weeks of burying the needle off the deep end of the negative side of the thermometer (mercury freezes past -60F) followed by a week of above ten degrees above freezing for a week and you have the perfect black ice recipe. I was hoping this portion would take me a day and a half...but it's looking like it will be longer. However, I suppose a two week road trip is not complete without some challenges!


  1. glad you got to watch the festivities this morning. it felt great to get teary from happiness and inspiration for a change. not a bad prologue to arriving in your destination!

    good luck going over the pass. hope you find gold.


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