12 January 2009

Day 1 on the road

Somewhere, when returning from field work to more "civilized" parts the song "On the Road Again" was playing and my co-worker turned to me and said "that could be your life theme song". And in some ways she was right.

Today's drive went well - Driving across country is a great way to transition into my new life from my old life. It's amazing how one can spend a whole year stressing over job applications and interviews and then suddenly it all comes together. At the start you tell yourself that this will be the case, that something will eventually work out that it is just going to take time but doubt does creep in. And then all of a sudden that patience pays off. So day one of a long trip...5 days on the road....4 days on the ferry....2 days on the road...and then my new home.


  1. What a wonderful way to begin the year, congratulations! Goodd to see you posting.

  2. look at you. back on the road and also back on the blog. i've missed you and see good things are happening for you too.

  3. Glad to hear things are falling into place. Congrats in the new job! Sounds amazing!

  4. I think you are driving away from the frigid temps here - a nice respite before you get up north, huh?

  5. sally forth - thank you! a new year, new beginings.

    jen, thanks. I've missed being here.

    albatross, thank you!

    froghair - will do!! See you soon!

    QT - indeed, and hopefully a warmer trend is moving with me so that I won't end up in my town at -78F!


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