03 April 2008

Archive Meme

I was tagged by Amanda over at A Lady Scientist for the Archive Meme in which you go back through your old posts and find some favorites. I've much neglected this tag as it occurred right before I went on my unplanned break. But I promised her I would do it so here goes...I must say, I don't feel like I've been blogging long enough to do this and even with my small selection it's hard to choose! I'm going to tag anyone because I'm sure it's made its way around the Internets already.

1. About Family: It seems that the majority of my posts on my family seem to be "In Memoriam". I tend to be circumspect about my family here because they don't know I have a blog and I want to respect their privacy. So that leaves me a few posts to choose from that aren't in memoriam. I guess it will have to be REAL BEACHES which is about my niece on a visit with her grandmother (my mother) to Alaska.

2. About Friends: I think I have to chose my post IN HOLLAND which is about time spent in a dear friend who lives there. More of my real life friend grace these pages but I think this one sums up the joy of deep friendship.

This photograph of a mountian lion was taken by Mitch Starr, a ranch hand, 11 miles from my parents' house

3. About me, who I am, what I think I'm all about: Hmph. This one is very tough. Because I think different bits of me are represented in different posts. So I guess I'm going to choose IM BAYERN GEHN DIE UHREN ANDERES. Im mostly choosing it because many of you won't have read it but it also meets the topic. It's about how different viewpoints are important, how things are not always straightforward or how we expect, how diversity, whether it be cultural or biological, is of great value.

4. About something I love: For this my dear Disreputables in A CAT AND HER DOG.

5. Just a good post, any post: I think I'll choose my PRIZE CONVERSATIONS WITH TURONS for this one mostly because it's always good for a laugh.


  1. What a great photo...wow.

    And how nice to have a guide to your archives!

  2. That photo is amazing and so beautiful.

    Good material here thatI hadn't read, esp. the tourists.

  3. Very nice! I loved the last one especially.

    Did you get my email and music? Gmail has a habit of confining my blog-related messages to the Spam folder, so I thought I'd better check to make sure yours doesn't do the same thing!

  4. I love that photo.

    Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed reading your old posts :-)

  5. dude, this reminded me of how long i've been reading you...all the way back to that little known post....how lucky for me.

  6. julie, thanks! I'm glad you found them interesting.

    qt, isn't it an amazing photo?

    cae, no I didn't...sadly. I sent you an email. Maybe that will rectify our problems??

    amanda, I told you I WOULD get to it eventually - I'm sorry it took so long.

    jen, you rock, you are my very first commenter and I'm very honored that you still read me!


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