09 January 2008

The Disreputables & the Parentals

Many of you have asked how the Disreputables survived the trip from Alaska to Colorado and how they are doing in this new house with the two Parental Pets. The Disreputable Dog has made the trip before. I wouldn't say flying is his favorite activity but he's okay with it. He loves his kennel and feels safe there; he also loves flirting with the check-in people who tend to suddenly forget all of their holiday stress when they see him and several times have even concocted a long joke about how he resembles their husbands but is better behaved. He long ago made friends with the Parental Cat, Mr Nibbs, with whom he got along great, and the Parental Dog, Maggie, both of whom seem fonder of each other with each visit despite very disparate play tactics.

The Disreputable Cat & Mr Nibbs

The Disreputable Cat was new to flying but she too is very fond of her kennel. She has no problem being in it and will even enter it on command. However, being in it for 17 hours was a rather new experience and she got bored. Unfortunately, she proved, somewhere mid red-eye, to be very capable in finding her way out of her kennel including undoing the clasps and zippers which meant I spent a considerable amount of time poking paws & a curious head back into the kennel as opposed to sleeping as I'd hoped. Eventually I asked the flight attendants for tape and taped the whole thing shut. I had visions of her escaping and clambering over heads and causing an outcry before hiding out in a lavatory.

The Disreputable Dog with Maggie & Summit (in the foreground) on a hike

However, she made it quite well and the minute that she and the Disreputable Dog were re-united in my parents' car she happily accepted a full doggie tongue bath. On the four hour drive back, the Disreputable Dog was wedged between my niece and my mother and the Disreputable Cat spent happy hours intently watching the back windshield wiper. She loves riding in the car and has absolutely no qualms about it. Because she had been flying so long my parents brought her a litter pan and my niece inquired in a very adult tone to her grandfather "Excuse me, papa, May I ask why my boots are the kitty toilet?".

Maggie & the Disreputable Cat share a bed

The Disreputable Cat quickly made friends with Maggie, even allowing her to put her feet on her while they shared a bed, but not going so far as to allow her to lick her as she does her own dog. The pair we were the most worried about were the cats. Mr Nibbs is 17 and suffers from liver failure which means he is cranky and sick. Their initial meeting resulted in Mr Nibbs flying at the Disreputable Cat but since she is young and agile there was no harm to be done. Since then they have become reluctant friends, if only because the Disreputable Cat is determined and brave and repeatedly makes attempts at friendship. Their first friendly interactions involved them pawing at each other under my opposite sides of my closed bedroom door. They've since evolved into a follow the leader game. I think Mr Nibbs' main objection to the young upstart is that she is easily distracted and refuses to be intimidated for long before she's off following reflecting sun beams.
All in all, the Disreputables are doing well. However, due to having lived in a tiny little house they now being in a much larger one they insist on following me around everywhere, because you just never know which room will have porthole through which I'll escape and leave them.


  1. Having tried in the past to fly and visit with cats in tow, i am amazed at how well everyone is getting along.

    And they are cute too.

  2. We flew with four cats once. This last move my husband decided to take a scenic trip across the US north to south with the dog instead of flying. LOL Actually it was very Steinbeck and they had a ball.

    You know, I love the photos but I find the stories of pet interaction remarkably interesting. Pet person, maybe.

  3. Awww, peace in the kingdom. I love it. How cute are they?

  4. love this look into the lives of your animals!

  5. you sound so peaceful and happy. this new chapter is working for you. and the four leggys too.

  6. Lovely! Thanks for sharing that. I had wondered if you weren't mentioning them because something was wrong so now I can relax.

  7. They are all so cute. I love when cats and dogs become friends.

  8. I enjoyed this so very much.

    I wish I could meet them.

  9. I am glad they have adjusted so well. I love it when dogs & cats are friends, it is so cute~

    And i have two dogs that follow me everywhere inside the house, too! I draw the line at the bathroom. When I open the door they are both sitting there, wagging tails like I went on a trip or something.

  10. Great stuff, I love hearing and seeing how animals get on with each other in a new environment and with unfamiliar faces.

    A pleasure to read.

  11. thanks for the nice story. it has added a little warm sunshine to my day.

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  13. ...Can't proofread...must drink more coffee...

    I tried using the cat carrier as a safe space, and it worked for a while. Eventually there was one trip to the vet too many. The familiar carrier smell was eclipsed by the antiseptic veterinarian smell.

    I'm glad your furry companions are well socialized. It makes travel easier.

  14. they don't seem very disreputable, do they?

  15. So sweet...

    I really miss having animals around - given what poor conversationalists they are, they somehow manage to be unfathomably entertaining.

  16. meno, I'm rather amazed myself.

    julie, ah, I love road trips with the Dog!

    liv, aren't they though?

    maypole, glad you enjoyed it!

    jen, funny you should say this, because someone else said it too "you sound so happy" when I just feel anxious and confused about the chapter that comes next but I suppose there is a good deal of happiness in being away from a bad environment.

    parlance, thanks for worrying but they're doing well as you can see!

    jodi, it is adorable isn't it?

    hel, thanks, maybe you shall some day! And I your wolves!

    qt, when I take a shower they lie on the bathmat...I can't break them of it since where I lived before there were no doors and these ones they would scratch down!

    trousers, aww, shucks!

    doris rose, your welcome!

    ms chica, yeah, I suppose that may happen, but I'm hoping other car rides and carrier uses will be more frequent then vet visits.

    orangeblossoms, no they don't :) But they are very good naturedly Disreputable.

    but why, they do, don't they?

  17. My cats wait for me on the bathmat while I'm in the shower as well. Not always both of them, but often at least one. The other day Fluffy was so crazy she couldn't even wait for me to dry off to try and jump up into my arms to get some cuddles. She was feeling really attention starved, I guess.

    I enjoyed the stories about your animal companions as much as everyone else here!


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