22 January 2008

The Disreputable Dog does a Meme

The Disreputable Dog on boat guard duty in Ft. Yukon, Alaska

You might think I'm prevaricating; I am. I am swirling with so many thoughts that I can't yet commit them to blog or form tangible evidence of their existence...but since Penny & Parlance have tagged the Disreputable Dog for a meme I shall do that instead.

Here are 5 random facts from the Disreputable Dog:

1. Although I am a fixed male I am rather maternal. In fact that's how I got the Disreputable Cat - I just couldn't bare to see that little kitty out on her own where the bald eagles would snap her up. I knew if I got the Boss' niece into her she'd be permanent. But shhh! don't tell anyone, it might get in the way of my tough dog exterior.

2. I am not a treat inclined dog. I like treats now but when I was a puppy the Boss could drape a piece of bacon by nose and I'd run right past it.

3. Everyone loves to give me nicknames. Every human I've ever spent any time with has come up with a new one. I respond to them all. What can I say? I'm adorable and sweet.

4. I can respond to commands in English, German, French, and Tagalog.

5. Boss got me at the pound or animal control in Fairbanks. I was 6 months old and had been with 6 families already by the time she got me! She moves a lot but at least she always takes me with. I've been on planes, trains, boats, and of course, automobiles.

I tag anydoggy who wants to do this...have your owner leave a comment so we can follow along!

Rules: Link to your tagger's owner and post these rules on your blog. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.


  1. Wow! Tagalog. How did you learn that language?

  2. Well, that was fun! Allison the pisshound respectfully declines at this time, but loves you.

  3. Aw, the disreputable is such a beautiful dog. Now I want a dog too.

  4. What a well-mannered gent you are! You hardly live up to your disreputable moniker...

  5. I'm so doing this one.

    Oi but which dog to choose.

    Mmmmm, I will let you know when it is up.

  6. Penny, who barely understands English, is awed by your power to resist bacon.

  7. I am so doing this - funny!

    I had no idea the Disreputable Dog had been through that many hands at an early age. What kind of people can do something like that???

  8. What a sweet pup. Rescue dogs are the best.

    I will have to do this one. I will be consulting the Boy.

  9. Aww, I wish I had a dog so I could play.

    Actually there are many reasons why I wish I had a dog, but it's not going to happen any time soon. Boo.

  10. Yu look exactly and sound exactly like the kind of dog I want in my life.

    (yes, a monkey and a tiger make for an interesting mix. not easy, but always interesting).

  11. That's cute! Such a smart Dog, and he speaks Tagalog! Amazing..

  12. BTW the Disreputable Cat looks very like the cat I had when I was a kid. She had a bit more of the ginger / fawn colouring on her face though, and an almost perfect ring of pale fur near the tip of her tail that she used to try to wash off.

  13. Dixie Dog is very impressed by the Disreputable Dog's command of language. And she decided to play!

  14. your multilingual dog is pretty hot, dude. (not in a weird way, come on already)

  15. He sounded way too cool not to be a rescue pet.

  16. parlance, the boss had a Filipino roomate for two years and he always talked to me in Tagalog.

    liv, *sniffs Allison's rear end respectfully.

    saxifraga, I think so, but then, obsviously I'm biased!

    but why, well, I am Disreputable in that I can be unprincipaled and give someone a lick in the ear when they're being too serious and such.

    hel, oh yeay! Maybe you'll have to do one for each :)

    sally forth, well, mind, I don't do it any more...but I used to!

    qt, Excellent! It was horrible - most people returned him to the shelter on the ground that he was getting too big!!

    solace, I agree with you about the rescue dogs. We will be seeing what the Boy thinks.

    cae, awww...maybe you need to borrow one. The Disreputable Dog had so many people borrow him when I was in grad school that he never spent more then 15 minutes in the back of my truck and he was recognized on many thesis for his help in field work!

    crazymumma, *big lick in the ear. And I know what you mean about tigers & monkeys...me and the Disreptuable Cat are like that too.

    stacey, yeah, just like you he's an honorary Filipino (that was you wasn't it?).

    cae, ahhh, and she's clamouring to do her own meme here soonish....

    amanda, *sniff's the Dixie Dog's rear politely and is glad for her to join.

    jen, he is hot...I always used to tell him he was the best looking male in Small Wet Town! I had to bite my tongue once b/c I almost let it slip when a male friend came by and he would not have been amused.

    maypole, you too!! *lick's the ear (he has a thing for ears)

    ms chica, he is cool, definately.

  17. i know this is a week or so late, but i ran it by my dogs and my cat, queen tubby, and they all think DRD is amazing except for the bacon thing. passing on bacon makes no sense. we all agree though: kudos for making a happy life for DRD, he's great!

  18. My dogs have posted their reply and thanks the Disreputable Dog for sharing his meme.

  19. matte, well, I have come around to the same conclusion...bacon is amazing! But you must realize that I had never been able to interact with other humans or animals before this and I was so curious that even bacon couldn't distract me.

    hel, woof!


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