30 August 2007

Seasonal Goodbyes

It's time to say goodbye again. Today this little guy (photo taken by my volunteer of an intern) and his companion, both rescued baby otters, leave our rescue & rehabilitation facilities for the Minnesota zoo. Their cries will no longer echo into our offices - something between a bird whistle and a cat scream. And daily we are losing our summer volunteers and interns which more then double our working population in the summer. It's sad seeing them go. They've livened the place up with their enthusiasm and earnestness.

The town is emptying out. By next weekend there won't be an RV to be found anywhere in the state. They're like snow geese, they're all flying south for the winter. I won't miss the RV's to be honest, but with all of the people going the shops and restaurants close down and the docks will become empty and the town looks a little forlorn. The birds are flying south. The fish are spawning. The fireweed is almost finished blooming. Time to buckle down and prep everything for winter.


  1. Can I come visit? Perhaps it is a bit of a forlorn honeymoon spot....

    Your otters are beautiful. One of my favorite parts of visiting the coast is finding otters at feeding time.... cuties on their backs working the stones and shells.

  2. I'd love to come visit a place like that. Only trouble is that I might not leave. LOL



  3. OMG!! That is the cutest little furry baby ever. You are so lucky to have such a cool job.

  4. i am looking forward to an inside look at winter in Alaska.

    I can't imagine holding a sea otter. he looks so cuddly.

  5. you are so amazing. you do all of this amazing stuff.

    i can't wait to walk through a winter with you.

  6. Ah I just adore sea otters, there is a post somewhere in my archieves on my 'Adventures of a wild hippie child' blog about an experience i had with them.

  7. I agree with Jen. You do get to do awesome stuff.

  8. Love the picture - that would be such a wild experience ~

    I have never been in Alaska proper during the winter - I don't think Dutch Harbor counts, as there is a lot of hustle & bustle there in the winter months with the fishing industry. It will be interesting to see what/who stays behind with you!

  9. I know it's tin their best interest to return to their natural habitat (when possible) or placed in an educational facility like a zoo, but it would hard them to let go. Of course the last thing a rescued was much smaller than said otter...

  10. So sweet.

    I love the pictures that you post and how deeply appreciative you are of all that surrounds you.

  11. mmmm

    I love the idea of it emptying out.

    sounds soothing...

  12. orangeblossoms ~ of course! any time. just let me know.

    chani ~ yeah...I know what you mean (grin)

    liv ~ yep, they're as cute in person as they are in photos.

    painted maypole ~ and I will be glad to have your company! It can get lonely up here.

    jen ~ aww...shucks, thanks. Like I said to painted maypole above, I will be glad to have your company this winter.

    dj ~ well, one of these days I'll have to go dig it up.

    hel ~ well somebody has to right?(smile)

    qt ~ well, Dutch Harbor certainly counts as Alaska but it certainly is on a different schedule then the rest of it, getting busier with the winter instead of slower.

    ms. chica ~ oh yes, it is HARD to let them go, but we really don't have the appropriate facilities.

    jenn ~ thank you!

    crazy mumma ~ it is soothing...and right now they've left us all of our favorite places empty at the best time of year! Daylight, relatively warm, and no mosquitoes!


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