22 August 2007

Gloomy Day Luxury

It's been rainy and foggy for days now, the fog hanging so low over the mountains that they disappear and the ocean is shrouded in mist. When it lifts a little, ever so little, the clouds have the appearance of being stuck on the mountains, which, is actually what they are, so laden with moisture they cannot lift themselves over the peaks. It's gotten colder already. No more 60F (16C) degree days and I noticed the other day that it is almost dark at 10pm now. It feels like early autumn.
There is a local chocolatier here. Amazing really that we have such a thing. It is the height of luxury on such a rainy, gloomy day to go and pick out a single chocolate truffle to have with a hot cup of tea. Today I picked out one for each of my interns as well. This is contentment.


  1. i often wonder the correlation between chocolate and soothing but time and time again it's there.

  2. Those look lovely and you show amazing restraint in sharing. I think choclate should be accessible in the farthest reaches of the earth and your local chocolatier is spreading the gospel. Did a post go missing? What is thermakarst?

  3. oh yum.

    I miss fall.

    and it's about 100 degrees down here. blech

  4. I'm a little envious o your temps because, locally we've averaged high nineties all month. I know it's all relative to what you identify as "normal" for a region. Like you, I relish life's simple pleasures. THis morning it was a quiet cup of coffee, but it would have been so much better with one of those truffles...Simple is beautiful.

  5. Chocolate is a cure all, isn't it?

    And best boss award to you for remembering your interns.

  6. jen ~ well, I think the warm cup of tea did as much for me but yes, chocolate can do wonders.

    sally forth ~ see my next post! And believe it or not, one truffle is about all I can handle, they're very rich.

    painted maypole & ms chica ~ funny because there are times that I wish I had more of those "hot" days. I love fall but I'm not sure I'm ready for it (well, more likely the winter that follows).

    jenn ~ ah, thanks for the best boss award. Just seeing their faces was as much of a reward as my own truffle. I've always thought that it's the little things that count, even in being a boss.


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