07 August 2007

The Bear Went Over the Moutain

I was singing this song on my hike the other evening when lo and behold I ran into a black bear going over the mountain. It's a bit of an odd coincidence. Now, technically, I was singing this song for the benefit of this bear and it's brethren, the better not to sneak up on them, but still. I was singing this particular song not because it's a good song or because I had an enthusiastic child along but because I was tired of my own prattle of out-loud thoughts and because the repetitive songs learned in childhood are a good way to keep up the noise level and keep thinking because I don't have to work at remembering the lyrics. (Yellow Owl's Clover [Orthocarpus luteus] pictured to the lower right)

So why was this bear going over the mountain? As far as I can tell s/he climbed the mountain because the view made it a perfect place for a latrine. Clearly it had been in use as such for some years as the piles of aged to new feces would attest. And once s/he was there, why not go down the other side? After all, there is a good salmon stream down there and some yummy watermelon & salmonberries along the way. Of course, maybe s/he was going to the other side but the exertion of mountain climbing prompted other bodily functions, we'll never know for sure.


  1. Bears? Wow! Glad to hear you are still around!

    The photos are lovely. I like this blog! I'll link to you, if it's alright.

    Thanks for coming by my place.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore (my lion)

  2. Scarlett & Viggiatore ~ oh! I would be honored if you would link me.


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