18 July 2007

Visiting Relations

I love my relations, I really do. However, I must admit that I am used to having my little space all to my self and used to be alone. So my nerves were a bit strained by the end of the visit from my mom and 4yr old niece. Having three people and two animals in my house which measures 20x30ft (6x9m). means there was no alone time for the entire week. My niece was go-go-go, full of energy and curiosity. My poor mother on the other hand caught some sort of bug and came down with a fever and was, rather understandably, grouchy. She probably was wishing my extra bedroom did not consist of an air mattress on the floor which invariably became a playing ground by the nature of the fact that when it was down it took up all the available floor space. They were opposite ends of the energy spectrum. While I enjoyed the visit there were a few moments when I thought ‘Ah! I need some space!’. It wasn’t so much the physical space I was craving as the mental space.

Needless to say it did not help my cause that we had in this time, two emergency visits to the vet, that I broke up (maybe?) with the guy I was seeing, that the weather cleared last minute and I had to go fly aerial surveys at uncomfortable hours of the day, that my supervisor announced that I was getting an intern the very day she was arriving, the fact that we have a new family member (CAT, the kitten who followed my niece home), nor the fact that I was worrying about our Russian field crew’s ability to leave the field as scheduled due to the volcanic eruption I posted about yesterday.

I know, you thought I had just started this blog and then I had already abandoned it.

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  1. dude, i DID think that. and after you hooked me in on that post and everything.

    I am entirely glad you delurked.


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