20 July 2007

Harry Potter

I really wasn’t planning on posting on this. But I volunteered at the local library to help through a bash for the book that is being released tonight. Generally speaking I enjoy volunteering for the local library – I love books and it’s a good place to meet an assortment of people and I think libraries are important public assets. We got several pleas at my place of employment for help for this particular event as the library here is always short staffed. However, I may have gotten in over my head. First off, I got assigned to come up with 200 trivia questions to be used in determining the winner of a free new book. Secondly, they insist I dress up. Sigh. The first will take some time but is do-able but I am not terribly fond of costume creating or wearing. Not only that but costume creating, if I were to do it right, takes a lot of time. I was thinking I might just cheat and throw on a pink wig and call myself “Tonks”. After all, I believe we share similar traits in klutziness and she usually dresses rather normally.


  1. I just bought my professor McGonagal Hat.... I need a long cape....


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