18 July 2007

Oh, the furry cuteness

DOG and I have a new family member who has adopted us. She's widget sized but she's rather brave and I think she makes a better vaccum cleaner than DOG does. She cleaned up every scrap of breakfast that he dropped. If he doesn't watch out she'll start stealing it out of the bowl.


  1. Origin of Species on your bookshelf? Oh, I know you are going to have an interesting blog. :)



  2. Good eye Chani! I didn't even notice how much those books in the background might tell a person about me. I hope you will visit again!

  3. I too, noticed the bookshelf content when I was looking at this photo... language dictionaries, O of S, and Scrabble!

    Also, psst... "fury" is when someone gets really mad. "furry" is what dogs and kittens are. ;)

  4. Froghair - yes, you're right. However in this case I think both might apply. You haven't seen CAT race around the house in a fury yet :)

  5. Well, Chani noticed your Origin of Species book--- I noticed your Scrabble game. If I'm ever in town, can I call you up for a game?


  6. orangeblossoms Absolutely! Any time. :)


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