25 April 2009

Rabbit's Foot

Snowshoe hare foot found in the woods - it always seems that predators leave one behind...it makes me wonder about the origin of the "lucky" rabbit's foot.

Things I've been doing while I wasn't here:
  • Moving again - out of employee housing. There's been quite a crunch for housing so, despite the difficulties of finding housing in the area, I've moved
  • D. Dog's surgery & 3 subsequent check-ups - the vet is a 4 hour drive away. There is a vet closer but I have been repeatedly warned not to take an animal to this vet unless you intend to put them down. His next one is for the week after next.
  • Hiring two crews of seasonals for two different projects
  • Been sick, again, this time with a cold
  • Monitoring the Aspen trees for catkin development
  • Bringing my bike out of storage and resuming the bike commute - it's much easier from my new place which is about 4 miles away. The other one was 15.
  • Celebrated a birthday


  1. Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good one and that D Dog is doing ok. Yay for the bike commute.

  2. Happy Birthday! Also glad to hear D Dog is doing better!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Hope the DD is getting better and better.

    Looking forward for spring then summer pictures!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Officially, you have moved more than anyone I know...glad to here the DD is on the mend.

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you're getting some Spring up there to enjoy.

    Have you read anything about the human feet that keep washing up on beaches in Vancouver? Apparently decomposition naturally separates the feet from the rest of the body... but I think that's just in the water so probably doesn't explain the hare.

  6. It must be the only place in the states with a house crunch :(

  7. Happy Birthday! I'm glad that DD is doing ok.

  8. Wishing DD a continuing speedy recovery. And a Happy Birthday to you!


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