14 July 2008

Mixed messages

So today I got turned down for a job I interviewed for and I got asked out on a date.

A very hardy primrose growing out of a concrete block

(PS - the answers are up on my music meme if you are curious)


  1. this could be a fateful day for you....

  2. So what did you say to the person asking for a date? Inquiring minds want to know! ;-)

  3. hypoglycemia girl, indeed!

    cae & dancingfish & sciencegirl, no, actually not. That would have made it really interesting!

    citizen of the world, it is, for sure.

    madge, ah yes...but aren't they all?

    mad chemist, actually, I sort of postponed my answer. I was rather taken aback since it came from a regular bookstore customer while I was working. I'll probably go - but I've kind of got interests elsewhere (although the 4,000mile difference doesn't help).

  4. 4000 miles? Ah well - they'll come in useful if you ever argue (or if the date is hot...)

  5. but why, I suppose they can come in useful, those 4,000miles but lately it's just a pain!


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