03 October 2008

VP Debate

I just have to say this...that accent she's got? I never heard that accent from her as governor before.


  1. Really?? I was wondering about it myself. It sounds like such a put-on, but I've never been to Alaska and haven't known many people from there. It sounds more like a stereotypical Fargo/Minnesota/Upper Midwest accent. She spent some time in Idaho, too. I hear a bit of that (having grown up in Utah).

    Except for the "nukeular" part, though. That's straight outta Texas, in my opinion.

  2. I wonder if it's to make her more folksy and is that somehow is supposed to make her more appealing. I wondered about the accent as well. BitchPhD has a clip of a youtube video where they interspersed Palin with the police officer from Fargo. It's quite funny, but I don't think the fargo accent is quite right for Palin either.

  3. ginny, it's definately NOT an Alaskan accent.

    sciencewoman, I have no doubt that it is supposed to make her sound more rural and more rustic and hopefully thereby to appeal to voters. And where she developed it from? No clue. I suspect it's hybridized from a variety of folksy accents taken from Hollywood movies.

    maypole, isn't it?

  4. *snicker*
    So tickled to get that insiders view.

    We shouldn't get me started on her...

    Go Obama!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore


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