16 August 2008


Thank you all for your kind words on my "Fatigued" post. Here's the update: there is good news and bad news.

My mother's eyesight is increasingly better. Her brain is increasingly coordinating her eyeballs. For those of you who don't know she has had cataract surgery on both eyes and then had to have emergency surgery subsequently as both retinas detached. All in all she has had 11 surgeries on her eyes so far in quite a short time span. She still has quite a bit of pain although it is slowly getting better. She is now able to get out into her garden - which is the best therapy there is for her - and she is able to resume writing her garden column for the local paper. Unfortunately, the two other things she loves, sewing & reading, are still beyond her reach despite 5 different pairs of glasses. Unfortunately, she keeps having set backs.

The Disreputable Dog seems lately much improved. The tests were inconclusive - yes, there was abnormal growth in his left front shoulder but not enough to tell definitively if any of it was cancer. But in the last few weeks he has his spirit back and the rest of the household menagerie no longer does periodic nose checks with him to see if he is okay. His limp has decreased markedly and we have been able to go back to our regular length walks. I'm not yet taking him hiking and he's still rather slow and going down stairs seems very difficult but at the moment we're taking a hiatus from veterinary visits and tests.

As for the bad news the Original Marlboro Man is doing very poorly. Twice now we've all rushed to his side only to have him recover. He is grimly determined to hang on despite being increasingly miserable. In addition, the bookstore has been broken into and robbed twice in the last week. This is particularly upsetting as it seems to be someone who is or has worked here in the past - it is discomfiting to be suspicious of our co-workers and to know that they must be suspicious of me.

Due to all the goings on, I have fallen behind in absolutely everything in my life so please don't be hurt if I haven't visited lately! I'm even missing the wedding of two very dear, long term friends of mine this weekend - I hope they are having fabulous weather and a fabulous time! My best wishes to you both! Here's to wishing you a long and peaceful marriage.


  1. I really hope things get better for you. Sometimes there are bad spells where a slew of awful events proceeds one right after the other.

    Eventually they do end. Please let us know how your mother's progress goes.

  2. Thinking of you and hoping that "good news" column keeps growing...

  3. I'm thinking of you and your loved ones. I hope that things keep tipping towards the good side.

  4. I agree with what BlackenedBoy said. There are just times in your life when everything is awful, but these times do pass.
    I'm sorry life is being so difficult for you at the moment.

  5. I am sending lots of good thoughts your way and thinking of you on our walks.

  6. Keep courage. Hope things improve.

    I'm sure you have no time for this right now, but in case it can cheer you up:
    a tag to say "I like your blog!"

  7. Very glad to hear the good and hoping the bad gets better soon. Sending good thoughts!

  8. So sorry to hear of all these difficulties... and wishing your mother and family a speedy recovery.

    I know it's not much now, but like Stepwise Girl, I also have a tag-blog-award on my site for you!

    Hope to hear more good news from the Wayfarer Scientista family soon!

  9. blackenedboy, indeed, it is part of the cycle of life. But luckily there are good spells to balance it out eventually! Will keep you updatedon my mother!

    qt and amanda, thanks! It will.

    parlance, well, it's not the first, and it won't be the last but it's all part of life. Thanks for your sympathy.

    hel, and vice versa...one of these days woman, we will go on a walk together with your wolves or mine.

    stepwise girl, thanks! I finally passed it on!

    albatross, thanks!

    bean-mom, Thanks!! So sweet of you both!


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